How to cook dumplings in the pot right?

Dumplings is probably one of the favorite dishes of many generations of not only Russians. And to the question «How to cook dumplings?» the answer is known to all. The all-knowing Internet tells that there is a similar dish in the Asian, German, Tatar and Georgian cuisine. But the Russian word «dumpling» originated, allegedly, from the Finnish word «PEL» («ear») – indeed, the traditional form of dough with filling is really reminiscent of the ear.

How to cook dumplings

Began a March from the Urals, dumplings conquered new peoples and have adapted, changing the recipes, to the traditions of the conquered territory. Grateful consumers have even established a monument favorite dish: in Russia it is installed in Izhevsk.

The composition of the dumplings

The composition of the dumplings, oddly enough, is not only the composition of the filling (meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables), but also the composition of the test. Traditional, classic dough is prepared from flour, eggs and water, and filling depends on the preferences of preparing this dish. At home, most often the filling is made from various kinds of meat, and to store packages, according to GOST, the meat composition contains a maximum of 80% of other components of the soybean, cartilage, skin.

How to choose the dumplings at the store

how to choose dumplings

The choice depends on the end result of cooking flour shapeless mess interspersed with the former stuffing, or a delicious plate of ravioli. Here’s advice from experienced buyers:

  • Taking the package, you need to find references to GOST and to consider further only those dumplings.
  • To study the composition of the fillings of the dumplings. Remember that the ingredients on the packaging indicates in descending order the system in terms of the content in the stuffing.
  • In transparent packaging carefully examine the appearance of the dumplings:
  • The color should be white – this would mean that the dumplings fresh.
  • Each dumpling should be well sealed edges and all dumplings are the same shape and size.
  • If the ravioli are stuck together, a tasty dish they make.
  • The surface of the dumplings should be dry, that is, the packaging is not damaged.
  • In a cardboard box to consider it will not work, so you should pay attention to the production time and gently shake the bundle in your ears – if you hear movement in the pack many dumplings, then you can take.
  • The shelf life of this product in the store 30 days, it should pay attention.

So easy – cook dumplings

The recipes are really few, but the rules are the same for everyone and different nuances.

the process of making dumplings

So, to cook the ravioli you need:

  • Choose the method of cooking – pot, slow cooker or microwave oven
  • Find a suitable container for cooking – cooking it is very important that the dumplings are floating in the selected container. For choice capacity you can rely on the average figure: 1 kg of dumplings, enough for 3 servings.
  • To select the medium of cooking water or meat broth.
  • Do not defrost the dumplings before cooking.
  • To prepare the lubricant component of the finished dish according to your taste vegetable oil or butter, sour cream, mayonnaise.

Universal recipes for dumplings

  • Cook in a saucepan

The best option to select the size of the pan is based on the number cooked for cooking the dumplings: 3 liters for one kilogram of frozen dumplings.

the dumplings in the pan

How to cook dumplings in the pot: water or meat broth pot filled with a maximum of three quarters, the smaller the dumplings will stick together, and at most – would be inconvenient to interfere. In boiling water add salt, if desired – Bay leaf and pepper. Stirring the boiling water, add dumplings. As soon as they float to the surface, reduce the heat and note the time: the dumplings are cooked without an active boil on moderate heat for 8-10 minutes. purchase 10-12 minutes and done at home. Doubt the willingness can catch a dumpling and break it apart at the thickest place flour if the dough is homogeneous fault at a glance and there is no taste of raw flour, then the dumplings were cooked. The broth from the dumplings to pour do not have, especially if it was a meat broth, experienced hostess cooked a delicious soup. Rinse the dumplings do not need to add oil to taste or drizzle with sour cream, mayonnaise.

  • Cook in a slow cooker

For cooking you can use the «Soup» or steamed and fried dumplings in the baking mode. If the first chosen this method of cooking, in the bowl to pour 1,5 l of water, add salt, add spices as desired and set the mode «Soup». Waiting for the boil, add the dumplings, stirring with a wooden spoon and close the lid. In the cooking process, it is necessary to open the lid and stop. The finished dumplings put on a plate and brush with oil or sour cream.

dumplings in a slow cooker

For steaming the dumplings, you need to put in greased with vegetable oil basket, set over the bowl of water (1.5-2 l) and set the desired mode. Upon completion of the program to lift the lid and place the dumplings.

  • Cook in the microwave

The process of cooking a lot of time will not take. In hot salted water (heated in the microwave or on the gas) add the dumplings at one time, you can prepare a maximum of 0.5 kg of dumplings. To expose the middle power mode and a timer – 9 minutes. While the dumplings are cooked, grate frozen cheese (150 g) and a little vegetable oil. After the program has finished dumplings put on a plate and pour the prepared cheese and butter.

Dumplings can be cooked in pots. A few dumplings put in a greased pot and pour salted hot water. During cooking, the water may flow down the walls of the pot, so it is better to put in a deep plate. Cover the pot is not necessary. Dumplings are cooked on maximum power 6 minutes. Water or broth to merge, and you can eat along with dumplings.

dumplings in a pot

A small portion of ravioli can be cooked immediately in the plate. Serving 15-20 dumplings need to place into an oiled deep bowl and cover with water (about half Cup or one Cup). It is necessary to add salt with caution because of the small portion. Dish cover with another, smaller bowl and put in microwave. To expose the maximum power and time if the dish is cooked for the first time, it is better to put 10 minutes, and then experience will tell you the cooking time.

To cook the dumplings right is not difficult: a little time and a delicious and hearty dish is ready!

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