How to cook crayfish

Boiled crawfish is not only very tasty, unusual, but still quite useful. The white meat cancer contains a lot of protein, calcium and vitamins required for proper development and functioning of organisms. To cook a delicious and flavorful dish, you need to know how to cook crayfish that they taste great. Let’s talk about all the details and especially cooking.

Preparation for cooking crayfish

The training itself takes much more time than the cooking process. First, you should definitely rinse the crayfish, to free them from sand and different particles that may be present. To do this, take a large bowl or tub, fill it with cold water and submerge all cancers. Leave for half an hour, then change water and repeat this procedure several times. Only in this case it will be possible to save crayfish from unwanted particles and fully cook the jam.

how to cook crayfish

After this take the cancer back, so as not to expose themselves to manipulation claws, and again to wash under running cold water. To make the shells of crawfish a little bit softer before cooking it is necessary to hold them in the milk.

How to cook crawfish in dill

To cancers turned out delicious and unusual, it is necessary to know not only cooking time, but the process itself, because it is quite difficult. For production you should take care of the following components:

  • 5 liters of water.
  • 5 Bay leaves.
  • Black pepper.
  • Thick sour cream and adjika.
  • 2 lemon.
  • Salt.
  • Greens, including parsley.

Take the volume pot and pour cold water. Into the water put the following ingredients: salt, pepper, spices, seasoning, sour cream, sliced lemon and herbs. The most important element here is the dill and salt. Remember that to cook a delicious crayfish you will need at least one tablespoon of salt to one litre of water.

How to boil crawfish

Such a large amount of salt due to the fact that cancers have a fairly durable shell, and below, as follows proselyte meat, you need salt water. Otherwise, your crayfish will just fail.

Bring mixture to a boil and leave aside for half an hour. After that, the broth again put on the fire and wait until it boils again, and proceed to dip the crayfish in the broth. Not to spoil cancers, keep one of them behind the back, one at a time adding each to the pot. This should be done as quickly as possible to between the first and the last cancer was not a big break. For the preparation you will need only 10-15 minutes, depending on size of crawfish.

cooking crayfish

As we can see, most of the time it takes to purchase the ingredients and prepare the necessary broth. The process of cooking crawfish instant. It is worth remembering that immerse cancers and it is required only boiled water, this will reduce the time of stay of crayfish in the water. It is also worth to observe the cooking process and to ensure that water is not splashed out of the pan, because while cooking the crayfish is typical. Once the water together with again shipped crawfish boils, lower the heat slightly on the stove, because excessive heat can negatively affect the process of cooking crawfish.

That’s all, a little preparation for the process and only 15 minutes will give you incredibly delicious and flavorful crawfish that will make your day or evening celebration. Learn all the secrets of proper cooking and make a family incredibly delicious and unusual dinner.

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How to cook crayfish?

Sometimes in order to pamper yourself with interesting and original delicacy, is not enough to buy it in the store. This particularly applies to boiled crawfish. Of course, you can order them at a fancy restaurant, but it is better to simply understand how to cook crayfish. (далее…)

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