How to cook corn on the cob?

In mid-July, ripens a favorite treat of many children and adults, young ears of corn flavored. However, not many modern Housewives can prepare the ears. In many countries this grain can be served as a separate dish. Typically eaten boiled on the cob with salt or small pieces of butter.

Supply of boiled corn

How to choose corn?

By mid-summer on the shelves of many markets and shops is beginning to appear ripe yellow corn on the cob. They’re all pretty much the same, but to choose really high-quality product, you need to know a few simple rules.


The first thing to know varieties of cereal and determine its degree of maturity. Often, inexperienced mistress instead of sweet varieties of corn buy food tasteless feed bobbins, which are designed for cooking various porridges and soups. Grain feed corn are more dense rows than food. The dried seeds of the many varieties of feed corn used for making popcorn. For cooking and serving use only sweet corn. It can also be used as ingredients for many starters and salads.

Unrefined kukurudza

It is better to buy unshelled corn. With leaf you can easily determine the freshness of the plants. Young food corn characterized by the presence of bright silk and rich green leaves. To check the appearance of the corn you can, if gently open the leaves to such an extent, until the grains of the cob. They must have a smooth surface and a bright yellow color. By pressing lightly on one of the seeds from it will seem like a drop of white juice, it is safely possible to buy this corn. It will be sweet even after a fairly long period of cooking. If the corn juice when pressed does not appear, this means that they already have a starch. This corn is hard and less sweet.

The process of cooking corn on the cob

In order that the heads do not have to break into several parts, for cooking, you must choose the right capacity. It should be thick, enough deep and wide. It is best if this is the cauldron or pot with a lid. To boiled corn has not lost its useful properties in the process of cooking, you need to cook it at a temperature of 200 degrees. Much faster to cook corn in the pressure cooker.

Capacity for boiling corn

For cooking needed to prepare the cobs. Some Housewives completely clean cobs from the leaves, and others only remove the dirty upper leaves. Both options are correct. Fibers that are found in the leaves of maize, in the period of heat treatment make the corn softer and more flavorful. But to remove the leaves from the cooked cobs is quite difficult. Therefore, it is better on the bottom of the tank for boiling put the leaves, and the top is fully cleaned cobs. Also leaves preferably close to the rim of the container so that the heads do not touch the walls. On top of the cabbage, you can also put a layer of leaves. Then the cabbages and leaves must be completely cover with water and put the container on fire. Typically, corn is cooked for about 40 minutes. However, the speed of cooking depends on the variety of grass. Some food feed corn should be cooked within a few hours.

Preparation of corn on the cob

Add salt during cooking is not recommended. It is able to withdraw fluid from the grains and as a result the product will not be as juicy. During the period of cooking is necessary sometimes to cling to the head with a fork and taste the seed the taste. If they are soft and well chewed – corn ready.

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