How to cook compote of dried fruits for the baby

The compote is a perfect drink which can be prepared as for feasts, and for home get-togethers. In addition, it is a very healthy drink, to cook which is not difficult. Cook compote from fresh fruit and dry. In this article we will tell you how to cook compote of dried fruits.

How to cook compote of dried fruits for the baby

Because it is not only tasty, but also useful drink, to cook it is recommended, in particular, and small children. Below we will tell you how to cook compote of dried fruits for the baby.

How to cook stewed fruit for a child?

Recipe this drink is a little different from the classic «adult» recipe. However, there are some nuances. Experts recommend drinking a compote for children from 1 year. So, for this drink will be enough to cook only 2 ingredients:

  • Half a liter of water.
  • Dried fruits (pear and Apple) – 100 grams.

Why boil the drink only with dried pear and dried Apple? The fact is, that from these fruits there is practically no probability of allergic reactions. Older children, from 2 years, you can make a compote with the addition of prunes. Ideally done as follows: first, the compote cook only apples, and then add the pears and only then – prunes.

At the age of 1.5 years the child’s body sufficiently receptive to raisins and dried apricots. However, do not get too spoil the child dried apricots, so it more often than other fruit, causes an allergic reaction. But raisins at this age is very useful, because its use is in the body of a baby flatulence.

compote of dried fruits

So, we begin to prepare the drink:

  • The first thing to do is to carefully wash the dried fruits. Remember, the beverage that is produced for children must be made only from dried fruits of excellent quality.
  • Then we place our dried fruit in a separate pot in which we cook the compote, and add warm water to the dried fruit has swollen. An important caveat: pour fruit requires only warm, not hot water. Leave the pan with the dried fruit overnight.
  • In the morning do not rush to drain the water from the pan – this will be our water for cooking. Stir contents of the pan. If your child is more than 1.5 years, during cooking of the compote you can add a few tablespoons of sugar. If a child under the age of 1 year, add sugar is not recommended.

It so happens that children do refuse savoury compote, in this case, an alternative to conventional sugar is grape sugar or fructose. Do not allow too large of doses!

  • You can now put the saucepan on slow fire. Cover the pot with a lid. As soon as the contents begin to boil, immediately remove the pan from the heat without removing the lid. The caveat with cover: don’t open it until then, until the compote is completely cool, it is very important to save all useful vitamins.
  • Compote of dried fruit after removing from heat infused for about half an hour, then fill a Cup for your child and encourage him.

compote for kids

Don’t forget to store this drink not more than 1 day. Since a pint of water compote turns so much that 1 day she may drink it, to worry that the drink will be gone, not worth it. The next day you can cook the compote again.

Now we will tell you how to cook compote of dried fruits for infants. The rules of cooking in many ways similar to the previous one, but has a few quirks.

How to cook compote of dried fruits for infants?

First, babies can be given these drinks after they turned 6 months. From dried fruits you can only use apples. Ways of making this drink for infants 2:

  • The first way is classic. Put water in a pot on the stove and bring to a boil. When the water boils pour into it the dried apples and simmer for about 20 minutes.
  • The second method is the thermos. Put In a thermos of dried apples and boiling water. Let the compote infused all night. In the morning add to it a glass of water and pour into the pan. Cook 10 minutes after boiling.

In both cases, the cooled compote is recommended to be mixed with boiled water. Serve the drink to the kid only when it has cooled to room temperature.

compote for infants

Well, now we will tell you about the classic recipe of stewed fruit.

What do we need?

Dried fruits, which you can use for making this drink:

  • Apples.
  • Raisins.
  • Apricot.
  • Dried apricots.
  • Pear.
  • The prunes.
  • Date, etc.

All fruit should be thoroughly washed under running water, it is advisable to have it done a few times. Try to find dried fruit without preservatives.

Start cooking:

  • After the prepared dried fruit, make a syrup. For this syrup, you will need to combine two ingredients: water and sugar. The standard takes this amount of ingredients to them the ratio was 2:1. Before cooking of the syrup is very important to think in advance about what will be the compote to taste, depending on dried fruit. If you have a compote will cook from a large number of dried apples, syrup should be cooked less, but if your drink is peach – on the contrary, more. The more syrup in the drink, the more sweet and fragrant it will be. Keep this in mind while cooking.
  • Add in the compote flavors. It will give your drink a very pleasant, subtle smell and taste. As flavoring you can use the following:
  1. Red and white wine. The main thing – do not overdo it with wine, otherwise the compote would hate to «give» alcohol.
  2. Fruit juice. The combination of compote, juice very well, especially if you mix fruit blends well in both drinks.
  3. Zest of lime, orange, lemon. You may like to RUB these fruits on a grater and cut the skin with a knife, just adding it to stew in the compote.
  4. Natural flavors. It could be star anise, cinnamon, cloves etc. it is Advisable not to use powdered flavorings, or else the compote will be thick and the consistency is like gruel. Get holistic items, and during the draining, they will not swim in the drink.

how to cook compote of dried fruits

  • Now you can fill washed and dried the dishes and put to boil on the fire. After boiling, the dried fruits have to «languish» on a very slow fire for 15 minutes. During this time, you have to add in a pan of pre-cooked sugar syrup and cook the compote together, stirring occasionally. Also, the syrup must not be poured out in the pan, to use as a sweet sauce, adding a spoonful in every Cup of spilled juice.

Advantage of this beverage is that it will be delicious both hot and cold. If you like warm juice, after it infuse for 30 minutes, pour it into cups and enjoy. If you like cold juice, then after cooling it can be put in the refrigerator and drink within the hour. This method is perfect for sunbathers in the summer sun after a long stay in the heat, there’s nothing better than cool, sweet, tasty, and most importantly useful compote of dried fruits.

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