How to cook cheese cakes from cottage cheese

What dish loved by children and adults at all times? Of course, the cheesecakes! Nothing would be better. The secret of their popularity is that the products they always have in the fridge every housewife, but they can be a nutritious Breakfast and energizing for the whole day, the second dish for lunch, a light dinner and great dessert.

how to cook cheesecakes

They are a lifesaver for those moms whose children don’t like cheese, as you know, calcium is contained in cheese, just a growing body needs. How to cook cheese cakes, let’s see!

A few simple secrets to making

  • For cheesecakes, you need to choose very high-quality cheese

It should be without lumps, not sour, not old, homogeneous in structure. The fat content of cheese shall be not less than 5%, even better to use a more oily varieties, for example from 9% to 18%. If your main ingredient is dry then don’t worry, just season it with sour cream or yogurt. Sour cheese should be avoided, to cheesecakes bitter have to add more sugar, and this is known to excess calories.

secrets of cheesecakes

And if it’s not in them, the taste of the cheesecakes in the end, do not really like you and your family. Also do not use liquid cheese, as in this case, you will have to add more flour than required for the recipe, and it can turn cottage cheese pancakes into something rubber. To get rid of excess moisture, just press the curd through cheesecloth or a colander.

  • Cook delicious pancakes from cottage cheese, not just the second secret — perfect proportions.

For this dish, curd cheese add sugar, eggs and flour. In some cases, the flour is replaced with starch or semolina, diet recipes ground bran. Eggs also do not always include the entire. Some Housewives think that it is best to mix with the dough only the yolk, because they strengthen it and give a nice yellow color. And those who are watching your caloric intake, on the contrary, put in cheesecakes whites only, as they have very few of them. A lot of eggs in the dough not kill is about one egg in 250 grams of cottage cheese, otherwise you’ll have to add more flour as this will make the dough tough and will affect the taste. If you haven’t as in the preparation of cheese cakes, follow the recipe and then all you get is.

  • To classic cheesecakes to make the author’s dish, place the dough in some kind of additive

For example, if you cook them as a main dish for lunch or dinner, then mix with cream cheese, egg, flour or semolina, fresh herbs and a little garlic. Interesting taste, if you add a little smoked bacon. These pancakes can be served with ketchup or sauce based on mayonnaise. If you are cooking pancakes for the kids or for dessert, add grated chocolate, pre-soaked raisins, dried apricots, or chopped nuts. Here imagination is boundless. Traditional additives are cherry, cranberry, cinnamon and vanilla.

recipe cheesecakes

Form and thickness of pancakes, too, play a not unimportant role. It is better to divide the dough into small balls, about the size of a walnut, then flatten them to the thickness was approximately 1 cm, This density test is considered optimal.

  • Don’t forget about the fragrant Golden brown

Usually pancakes are fried in a pan refined sunflower or olive oil is also unusual, they will, if you cook them in butter. Much also depends on the pan, it is important that it quickly heated up, and her bottom was smooth, as it is responsible for the uniformity of cooking cheesecakes. Before putting them in the pan, it should heat well. Should not to fry cheese cakes over high heat so the crust is cooked, but inside they are raw. After browned, cover the pan for a few minutes cover your cheese pancakes will come.

Recipe cheesecakes

To prepare the cheesecakes are not difficult, you have available ingredients:

  • Cheese.
  • Eggs.
  • Sugar.
  • Flour.
  • Vanilla.


Whisk the eggs with the cheese, bring to a uniform consistency. Add to the mix the flour until you get a thickish dough, which can be blind cheesecakes. After add the sachet of vanilla and one or two tablespoons of sugar. Stir and cook on a well heated pan in small portions.

The history of cheesecakes

How to make pancakes from cottage cheese any mom knows, what to answer the child the question: «Why is the cheese so called, and is made out of cheese?», can not answer each. The thing is that when the first cheese, they were very similar to the cheese, they were called rennet. Many years ago for making cheese used has not passed the boiling raw milk. It put in heat to it is sour, and then boiled to the separation of the curd from the whey. It was familiar cheese. The name «cheese» comes from the word crude. Recipe cheesecakes in those days was very simple, over the years it has changed, and everyone who cooks this dish, add to it something of their own. In our time in cooking, many recipes, and every woman has the opportunity to choose one that she likes.

the history of cheesecakes

Recipe cheesecakes is known for many centuries and the name of the author is not preserved. But whoever came up with this cheese delicacy, he invented an ingenious and very simple dish, which has grown a lot of sweets.

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