How to cook cabbage rolls? Best recipes

Some believe that the dish called cabbage rolls appeared in the times of Ancient Greece, while others refer it to something more modern. This recipe is considered to be a element of middle Eastern or Eastern European cuisine. In order to understand how to cook stuffed cabbage, it is better to consider different variations of dishes.

This word is not only used in cooking. They identify the type of structure, wooden grave cross and Russian dance. There is no consensus about what made formed the word stuffed cabbage, but some believe that this is due to flow in the old «false pigeons» of meat. Another interpretation of the origin of the Serbian word «dumplings».

Often a classic cabbage rolls represent a meat dish, but sometimes the meat is replaced with vegetables. To this add rice or buckwheat, and the mixture was placed in cabbage leaves or grapes. The latter, due to lack of occurrence, is used less frequently.

how to cook cabbage rolls

Especially cooking

In Ukraine for creating this dish traditionally uses corn, and in some areas it is customary to put grease. Also, sometimes the recipes are used:

  • The leaves of sour cabbage,
  • Beets,
  • Mushrooms,
  • Potatoes.

In Belarus to the mince add the pearl barley, and when, in the spring, put horseradish leaves. However, the most used still the usual cabbage. A correct choice is highly dependent on the taste of the finished dish.

The head needs to be young, fresh, preferably elected among the late or middle grades. Dense, smooth sheets without any injury can ensure that the stuffing does not fall out of them immediately. However, even wrapping even in the best cabbage – it is still a very difficult process, and therefore many prefer to prepare the lazy cabbage rolls.

stuffed cabbage

How to cook cabbage rolls?

To start is to understand how to cook stuffed cabbage is a classic. It’s not easy, and often requires several attempts in order to create beautiful and delicious dish. For the first recipe, except cabbage, rice and minced meat will need different seasoning, and sour cream, tomato paste soy sauce for the gravy.

  • First and foremost, you need to deal with the head. About cobs need to make a few cuts to make leaves separated, then put to cook in boiling water for five minutes.
  • The same is brewed and a Cup of rice, then barley is laid in a separate bowl.
  • Next, go to the meat. Usually used a pound of it. Add boiled rice and all the spices like salt, pepper and any other, to taste.
  • Pavaresise head out of the water and removed from the plates. They better cut the thickest part.
  • Then the leaves decomposed beef with rice, about a spoonful, after which everything is wrapped.
  • You can now proceed to create a sauce. First mix two teaspoons of sour cream and the same of tomato paste (can substitute ketchup).
  • To the mixture add favorite seasonings and a teaspoon of soy sauce. To all this add water to increase volume and achieve a more liquid consistency.
  • Finally you go to the direct cooking, that is, to understand how to cook cabbage rolls. This can be done either in a pan or in a skillet or saucepan. The bottom greased with butter, laid out the leaves with the meat and poured sauce. So they should cook for about twenty minutes.

After that, it is better to make a very small fire and simmer the dish for about another ten minutes. So you need to make cabbage rolls.

classic cabbage rolls

A classic recipe

You should consider another recipe, which you can use to make delicious cabbage rolls. He has no fundamental differences from the previous one but some features are still present. In this embodiment, it is better to use ground pork and onions.

  • The first thing onion peel, wash it. After that he crushed and roasted.
  • Pre-shot cabbage leaves boiled for five minutes, and Fig.
  • Now on to the meat. It is mixed with prepared rice and onions, add salt, pepper and other seasonings. All this is mixed.
  • Boiled leaves are cut thickening, after which you can start to put the stuffing.
  • Put one teaspoon in the center and then throw the stuffing on top of the sheet. Then tuck the side, and then close the lower part.
  • Ready cabbage spread on the pan.
  • In a Cup mix two tablespoons of sour cream and as much tomato paste. Water is added, and it filled the dish about half.

Cabbage rolls to put out within forty minutes. That’s where the preparation ends.

cabbage rolls in the pan

Original stuffed cabbage rolls

Now that you’ve seen how to make regular cabbage rolls with rice, we have to consider some other options. For example, there is a recipe, which is used buckwheat, but prefer chicken meat.

  • As in the case of rice, buckwheat boil for five minutes. Then, from cereals drained excess water using colander.
  • To the buckwheat added chicken mince, pre-fried onion and seasonings.
  • Cabbage disassemble the leaves, scalded with boiling water.
  • Put the stuffing on the middle, all wrapped envelope.
  • Stuffed cabbage put in the pot. Prior to that, they can fry in the pan.

In the casserole dish pour a mixture of water and cream to simmer for forty minutes. After that, the cabbage rolls are ready.

buckwheat stuffed cabbage

Lazy cabbage rolls

How would not seem simple recipes classic cabbage to keep cabbage leaves in good condition is very difficult. Typically, they crack and tear still in the wrapping of meat, and sometimes fall apart in pots and pans. So don’t have time to review the recipe lazy Golubtsov.

To create them we need all the same ingredients, except that to the list, you can add a few big spoons of breadcrumbs.

  • Finally, it is not necessary to disassemble the cabbage leaves! Enough to cut them in small cubes.
  • Ready-made ice cubes pour boiling water and leave for a few minutes. So they become softer, and from them will go bitter.
  • Combine chopped onion with the minced meat.
  • Rice pour a glass of water, after boiling put salt. You need to boil fifteen minutes, and then remove the remaining liquid with a colander.
  • Meat, cabbage cubes, rice and seasonings together and thoroughly mixed.
  • This mix made a lot of cakes.
  • Fry them in the pan to have the crust, about a few minutes. You can pre-breaded.
  • Next, make sauce. It is made from a couple of spoonfuls of tomato paste, water, pepper and sour cream.
  • Fried patties are passed onto greased baking sheet and pour the prepared sauce.
  • All this is put in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees.

The cooking time of this dish is approximately forty minutes, although sometimes you have to wait fifty or a little more.

lazy cabbage rolls

The second option lazy stuffed cabbage

There is another option, we can say even more lazy stuffed cabbage. From differences in the ingredients there is tomato juice, not paste, carrots and instead of stuffing are pieces of pork.

  • Cook the carrots and RUB on a coarse grater.
  • Onion cut into half rings.
  • Pork cut into cubes, lightly fry in oil, about ten minutes.
  • Then in the pan added the carrots and onions, and five minutes to pour tomato juice. Then the dish and add salt and pepper, and the further the extinguishing time is fifteen minutes.
  • At this time you can rinse the rice and let it cook for twenty minutes. Excess water was removed with a colander.
  • In this recipe, the cabbage must be finely chopped.
  • Further cooking takes place in the pot. Here you put the meat, cooked rice and sliced cabbage, add pepper and salt.

All this stew under a lid on low heat. Enough about ten minutes to make lazy cabbage rolls were ready!

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