How to cook buckwheat on the water

Quite often, novice mistress are wondering how to cook buckwheat on the water.

how to cook buckwheat



The answer is simple:

  • Prepare a pot in which to cook. It is advisable to take the pan with non-stick coating. This will keep the buckwheat from burning and sticking to the walls of the cookware.
  • Take the right amount of buckwheat. If necessary to sort out the buckwheat from large debris.
  • Buckwheat rinse under running water until water after rinsing the buckwheat will not be clean and transparent. When you rinse the buckwheat debris will surface, and also removes the dust.
  • Put buckwheat in a saucepan.
  • Pour buckwheat water or bottled water or filtered or boiled. Water from the tap can provide buckwheat an unpleasant taste.
  • Put the buckwheat with water on a heated burner.
  • Buckwheat brought to a boil with the lid open over high heat, occasionally stirring, then covered with a lid and cook twenty minutes on low heat.

boiled buckwheat on the water

Salt buckwheat is impossible, both during cooking and before serving. Also you can add the seasoning of herbs or greens.

Buckwheat in the microwave

The second option, you can cook buckwheat in the microwave. Prepared buckwheat mixture into a microwave-safe bowl, cover with water (filtered or bottled), add the vegetable oil and send in the microwave for thirty minutes. Depending on power of microwave oven. At high enough power to fifteen minutes.

buckwheat in the microwave

The easiest option of cooking buckwheat is:

  • Put a pot of water on the fire. Wait for the boiling water.
  • In anticipation of the water boiling, prepare the necessary amount of buckwheat.
  • When the water is boiling, add salt and tablespoon of vegetable oil.
  • In the same way in boiling water to fill the washed buckwheat.
  • Wait until the water boils along with buckwheat.
  • After boiling, the fire is reduced to a minimum.
  • The pan with a lid and leave for thirty minutes to wait.
  • After you open the lid and stir.

If the buckwheat has standing water, you need to hold the pot with the buckwheat to simmer under a closed lid for another five minutes, then set aside in a warm place. Do not remove cover, leave to infuse for fifteen minutes.

In the end, it turns out buckwheat is soft and delicious. If buckwheat is very soft and smeared, it means that the quantity of buckwheat, had taken too much water. And also not complied with the conditions of boiling, cooking too long on high heat.

how to quickly cook buckwheat

How to cook crumbly buckwheat

Many, knowing how to cook buckwheat, don’t know how to cook buckwheat on the water loose. To do this in water, add a little vegetable or olive oil and stir from time to time. Crumbly buckwheat is as a result of cooking, see the target, not glued together grains that have not stretched over the casserole.

The classic option for cooking crumbly buckwheat is the next option:

  • Buckwheat is laid out in warm water.
  • Then all brought to a boil on high heat, added vegetable oil, all mixed, closed with a lid.
  • Quenched the heat to low, remains thirty minutes, the lid does not open until ready.
  • After the time ran out, turn off the fire, it remains a pot of buckwheat to the side.
  • Given the time that buckwheat was drawn, about twenty minutes. During this time she will insist to cool a bit and be ready for serving.

crumbly buckwheat

Order the buckwheat has turned crisp in the microwave, it is necessary to pour hot boiled water. Pour the amount of buckwheat with hot water, add the vegetable oil and send in the microwave for twenty-five minutes. If after starting the timer in buckwheat there can be no need to leave the buckwheat in the microwave oven for another ten minutes. Or pull out and put in a warm place while covered with lid.

Crumbly buckwheat well in a slow cooker. For this method special tricks is not necessary. The technology of preparation is the same. The necessary amount of buckwheat is poured into the bowl multivarki, fill it with water, plus oil. Closed with a lid and exposed the regime for buckwheat. When it is ready, you can leave the buckwheat in the heating mode for fifteen minutes this will allow the buckwheat to be more soft. Also nothing bad will happen if you disable the timer multicookings buckwheat will cool down in the bowl.

To provide buckwheat a special flavor, you can bake in a skillet. For this it is necessary to pour the buckwheat on a heated pan (no added vegetable oil) and heat under a lid for seven minutes. During this time the buckwheat will start a little crackle like popcorn. Calcined buckwheat after cooking turns out more crumbly and soft.

How to cook buckwheat on the water proportions

cooking buckwheat on the water

  • Measure the required amount of cereals, for example standard glass in two hundred milliliters.
  • This amount of buckwheat necessary to take two glasses of water, that is four hundred milliliters.
  • You will also need about a tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil.
  • Salt (basically to taste).

It is worth considering that after cooking the buckwheat increases in volume approximately two times. So, one standard glass of two hundred milliliters of raw buckwheat ready enough for three servings. Cooked buckwheat can be served as a side dish, and milk.

The basic rule of proportions for the preparation of buckwheat – the volume of water should be two times the amount of cereals.

In order to cook delicious and crumbly buckwheat, one should clearly observe the proportions and conditions of cooking. Buckwheat and water measured in the same glass. In any case, don’t increase not to reduce the amount of water. With decreasing proportions of water buckwheat will turn out very dry. If you increase the amount of water – the result will be very fluid and vague. Buckwheat will take in exactly as much water as it should. Excess fluid will only drain.

quick cooking buckwheat

If buckwheat burn and stick to the pan, despite the addition of vegetable oil, it is necessary quite often to stir. Increasing the amount of vegetable oil to the solution will not. When the water boils, reduce the heat to low and continue to stir with a spoon. In this embodiment, it is not necessary to cover the pot with a lid. Will have to cook in an open pan. It is also worth remembering that on high heat with the lid closed buckwheat may escape and burn. To ensure a crisp result, in this case, after cooking, you need to remove it from the heat and leave in a warm place under cover to buckwheat is the real thing. It is also better to use for cooking buckwheat calcined.

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