How to cook beef tongue

Few people know that beef tongue can be attributed to the universal products that serve as individual treats or as part of some interesting dishes. Here are just some dare mess with such a valuable ingredient. To cook beef tongue under the force of all the chefs. Because this process requires a delicate relationship. Despite the complexity of the task, to cope with it is still possible, if you know how to cook beef tongue.

How to cook beef tongue

In cookbooks there are dozens of unusual recipes for cooking which require beef tongue. Chefs famous restaurants never cease to amaze their customers with exquisite delicacies from the most usual product that few people take into account.

Small tips for boiling language

As mentioned earlier, even professional chefs can’t always correctly to cook and eat an interesting product. It is necessary to learn how to apply. And only after that beef tongue can be a real delicacy that will want to know intimately the real gourmets. It is not recommended to add it to food without pre-treatment. Before doing this it is necessary to cook the product.

The assumption that beef tongue to cook easily enough, would sound very ironic. Because this process requires from chef a certain knowledge and skills. Also pay attention to some important points that will help to properly cook a by-product. Even the inexperienced cook who dares to listen to them, the first time will be able to create a luxurious dish from the language.

Before you start cooking you must soak the beef tongue. This little trick will help the hostess to clean the ingredient to the future of food from all kinds of dirt. After the meat enough time you’ll spend in the water, it is recommended to carefully walk the knife, making a scraping motion. So from the product is removed the remaining dirt and the unnecessary fat. At the end of this work will not interfere again to rinse the tongue under running water.

beef tongue boiled

For cooking meat you need a special pan. It must be broad and roomy. Because during the preparation under the influence of the hot temperature the product will start to increase in size.

Recently to cook beef tongue was on the stove. However, modern technology has given women a lot of interesting technology that facilitates their work. So now to cook this meat in a slow cooker and other similar appliances.

If it will be prepared on the stove, you need to calculate the time required to reach full readiness. In a pressure cooker this process will take at least one hour. In multivarka on mode of stewing meat would be prepared in 5-6 hours.

The choice of a quality product

To cook a good dish, you need to buy a fresh product. In the first place should pay attention to whether the product the stamp of the sanitary service. It guarantees the safety of the meat that is on sale.

The freshness of the language is easily determined by its colour. Good product, kept in the right conditions, have a slightly purple hue. If the meat is pink, then most likely it has been frozen. Grey language should just give up because it’s broken.

przygotowany elovici.

Before you finally decide to purchase, it is recommended to smell beef tongue. From him must come the scent of fresh meat. Also taken into account the incision on the product. If it emits a clear liquid, the meat is frozen before sale. Muddy ichor gives incorrect storage of the goods. Therefore, it is better not to buy, to avoid poisoning. Ideally, the cut should be present only droplets of blood. Their presence indicates that the product is fresh and has not had time to go in the freezer.

After purchase it should not be too long to store in the fridge. You need to understand that this product is among the perishable, therefore, it is better to begin cooking.

Universal recipe

There is no universal recipe that helps to boil beef tongue. We can say: its preparation will take a very long time, so more will have to be patient. Hurry in this case is not recommended. After all, undue haste will only hurt taste of meat.

First of all, you should go through the preparatory stages:

  • First, you need beef tongue thoroughly wash and clean away the mud.
  • After it should be cut into two equal parts.
  • The individual pieces are placed in a pot filled with water.
  • Now you can safely put it on the stove.

The water in the pot starts to boil. By this time the surface will appear foam, which definitely should be deleted. After boiling, it is necessary to fasten the fire on the middle level. On it it would be prepared in 20-25 minutes. After a certain time you need to get the meat out of the broth. It is recommended to again with cold water. All contents of the pan poured.

the recipe for a delicious dish

Dishes, which prepared the language, it is necessary after the first stage of cooking, to rinse. In a saucepan again, pour clean water and put on fire. She needs to boil. Once that happens, it put the pieces of the language and a bit of salt. On medium heat, the meat should cook about 3-4 hours. The pot it is best to cover up a little. In half an hour from the beginning of cooking you should throw in water with a Bay leaf language. It will not hurt to add grated onions and carrots. The vegetables give the broth a pleasant taste.

To check the degree of readiness of beef tongue. For this purpose you will need a knife or fork. One of the devices, it is necessary to make meat a puncture. If the pierced tongue, then it is time to remove the product from heat. It immediately dipped in cold water. If the knife barely pierced the meat, he or she may need a little more time to cook.

After it will lie in the water for 5-10 minutes, it is necessary to remove the skin. It still has no value. Beef tongue is ready. Now it can be used in the creation of any dishes. If the chef didn’t plan to start cooking, then he needs to wait for the moment when the meat has cooled, simply wrap it with foil. In this form, in the fridge the cooked product is allowed to store not more than four days.

No need to rush to pour is obtained after cooking the meat broth. Because it is possible to cook a delicious soup that is sure to please the household.

Best combination with other products

Beef goes well with many foods. For this reason it is often used in cooking various dishes. Especially the meat is perfect canned pineapples, green peas and mushrooms. If you use language as a snack, it is to add fruit or peanut sauce. Also for him a place in salads and aspic dishes.

beef tongue with vegetables

The effort to cook beef tongue are quite justified. Indeed, in the result, the hostess receives a delicious dish which definitely need to pamper your family and dinner guests. No one will be disappointed. Deliciously cooked beef tongue tells about the skill of the hostess, about her talent in cooking.

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