How to cook an omelet?

Very convenient to always keep in the fridge for at least one package of eggs. With them it is almost impossible to stay hungry. Eggs will make the cake to bake pancakes, but they can be a dish by themselves. For example, they are very simple to fry eggs, or cook, but how to make an omelette?

how to make an omelette

The history of scrambled eggs

So simple, at first glance, the dish, is a member of the national French cuisine. The process of cooking the classic version can be compared with the opposite famous phrase said bond on the cocktail. To create a French omelette, eggs must be mixed, not stirred.

The story of the omelet is unknown, but there is a legend. According to her, Joseph I, who lived in the nineteenth century, during a hunt he wanted to eat. Stumbled on the house the poor man, he decided to have dinner there, but what could please the Emperor the poor owners? They have also created mixture of almost everything that was found in the house, and the main dishes are eggs. The high-ranking guest was quite pleased, the recipe was written and distributed very quickly. Soon came the name, the French word «omelette».

How to make an omelette

Today this dish is widely spread almost in every country. You can easily find a variety of national versions and many modified recipes. It is necessary to consider, at least, principal.

How to cook an omelet in French:

  • Three eggs whipped with a fork until smooth mass, but the foam should not appear, otherwise the dish will have too much density.
  • On a heated pan pour a little oil, then pour mixed eggs.
  • They should fry for about two minutes.
  • Allowed to the middle of the dish is still a bit viscous. Then the omelette is removed from the heat, sprinkle with salt and fold in half two times.

French omelet

For most people the Frittata involves adding milk and other ingredients, otherwise it turns simple scrambled eggs. Therefore it is necessary to consider the relevant recipes.

Recipe for scrambled eggs with milk

  • In a bowl, break four eggs.
  • To taste add salt.
  • Eggs mixed with a fork until smooth.
  • They joins approximately 120 grams of milk, then mixed again.
  • Into a heated frying pan put the oil and pour the egg mixture.
  • The frying time of approximately seven minutes.
  • When edges of omelet is browned, you can turn off the fire, cover the pan and leave the dish to reach about fifteen minutes. This will avoid burning, which often appears when creating this dish. Then everything will be ready and will only serve.


Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

But the milk is a great combination with eggs creates the addition of various vegetables, such as tomatoes. This omelet is prepared in the following way:

  • In a bowl with a fork beat three eggs.
  • They poured about a hundred grams of milk.
  • On the hot pan pour oil, then put sliced onion half rings, which need a little to fry.
  • A minute later, the onions can be put sliced squares of pomodorino.
  • Mix the onions with the tomatoes, add the egg mixture.
  • It is important that the liquid component is evenly distributed across the pan.
  • On top, add salt and pepper.
  • On low heat, the dish should stand for about seven minutes.
  • His edge will be a signal that you need to turn off the stove, and the omelet should still stand, covered for about ten minutes.

scrambled eggs with tomatoes

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