How to connect to the Internet at Tele2?

Mobile Internet every day becoming more popular. People check their social networks at home, at the computer, but on the street, holding a tablet or smartphone. Mobile Internet is used in various institutions and organizations, with the help of the phone could be a train ticket or a way to get a discount. Not surprisingly, many are wondering how to connect the Internet at Tele2.

how to connect to the Internet at Tele2

In Russia, this telecommunications company has gained popularity not immediately, but over time, gained adherents at the expense of the diversity of tariff plans and reasonable prices. With Tele2, you can get quite a stable and unlimited 3G Internet, and in some regions recently became available and 4G.

How to connect to the Internet at Tele2?

The easiest option, allowing you to access the worldwide network through the cellular operator is the rates it offers. Among the main there are three with similar names.

The first option is Black. It is believed that it is the most economical, and therefore profitable. It provides connected:

  • 500 MB Internet,
  • two hundred free minutes to talk with subscribers of the same company.

For this you will need to pay 90 rubles every month. If during this period the person will spend their 500 MB, the speed of the Internet will fall significantly, although to use it would still be possible.

How to connect Internet on Tele2 tariff Black:

  • The fastest and easiest way is the command that you want to dial. If you enter numbers *630*1# and press the Call button, the fare will be connected.

If 500 MB is woefully inadequate, it is possible to pay attention to other tariff plans of the operator. The next option is called Very black.

  • Connecting this tariff, the subscriber will be free to communicate with the residents of the Leningrad region.
  • For calls to other regions, but belong to Tele2 issued three hundred minutes.
  • If you need to communicate with subscribers of other mobile operators, it is better to use 300 free texts that are also issued by this service plan.
  • Internet traffic will reach 15 GB.

The price for all of the above may vary, depending on the region you live in, but usually it is 250 rubles. It is possible to connect almost as well as the rate of Black, but instead of 1 should stand 2. That is, you need to dial *630*2#.

rate black

Tariff plan » Sorcery

It is more suitable to those for whom the Internet is an auxiliary element, and the main reason for the use of phone is for calls. According to the tariff plan the subscriber will receive:

  • 900 minutes that can be spent on any conversations.
  • The same number of free messages.
  • While roaming, the subscriber will be able to send free SMS and 200 are the same number of minutes.
  • At the same time it will have 8 GB of Internet is high speed.

All this will have to pay 600 rubles, and will need to re-pay every month, on the day of activation of the tariff plan. To connect it you can use numbers *630*13#.

rate sorcery

Additional options

Tele2 offers its customers several tariff options. For example, the so-called «mobile Internet» is useful if network access is needed for a day or a few days. When using it, a person is issued for 75 MB per day. If this limit is exceeded, then further traffic will be charged per megabyte.

75 MB is enough for social networks and email. For it will take for 4.5 rubles. To connect, use the command *155*151#.

Internet access without traffic limitation by installing the Opera Mini app and connecting the appropriate option from Tele2. Then the day will be charged 4 rubles. Combination for connection— *155*11#.

Other ways to connect to the Internet

If you want to connect mobile Internet there can be various situations:

  • USSD command to connect will be forgotten or lost;
  • Need to disable Internet;
  • It will be necessary to know more about the tariff plan selected.

For these and other such situations there are two simple solutions. The first call to the number 630. Operators will help you solve any problems will provide information on the tariff plans and select the best option. To connect to the Internet you can own, with the help of the Personal Cabinet on the official website of the company.

personal account

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