How to connect the thank you from Sberbank

We all like to save money, but not everyone can do it. Now you can save your finances with a new program «Thank you from Sberbank».

Sberbank offered its customers a new service called «Thank you from Sberbank», which became very popular. Every day more and more people join the program and assess its capabilities.

how to connect the thank you from Sberbank

How to connect?

To start using this service, you first need to connect. For this there are three ways. The first is that the connection is made through an ATM. To do this, go to ATM, insert the card and enter your pin. You will see a menu where there will be a section called «Bonus program». Choose it and enter your mobile number and agree to the program rules.

You can also visit the website of Sberbank in to your account and visit the section on «Bonus program». In it you also subscribe to a service and confirm your selection with the help of SMS messages.

The third way is to activate the service «Mobile banking». For this you have to send an SMS message to the number 900 with the text «Thank you ****». Instead of asterisks, you must have the last four digits of the card. In response comes the code, after receipt you need to send it to a short number 900.


How to track points?

Received points you can always control via the Internet. In the personal Cabinet on the left there is a link to the page that displays the number of bonuses. To enter you must enter an email address and mobile number. Proof of address will receive a letter which will link. It should definitely go, and then you activate your account. This card Momentum you can connect to this program only after 5 days after they received it.

To see your balance in the program «Thank you from Sberbank», you can log into your account or do it via ATM. You can also send the digit «9» to the number 6470. It will be absolutely free. You will receive a message with the number of points.

How to spend it?

If you already know what a thank you from Sberbank, you need to know about how to spend these bonuses. So, first we need to understand what each bonus is equal to one ruble. To spend you can when you make a purchase at partners of the program «Thank you from Sberbank». You will get a discount when buying, which can be up to 99 percent, which is very beneficial.

If you want to spend the bonuses in a regular store, before you pay, tell the seller that you want to spend the bonus program «Thank you from Sberbank». You should also announce the number of points that need to be written off.


For the payment of goods in online store bonus you must first put items in the shopping cart, under «payment Methods» choose «bonus thank you from Sberbank». Will continue menu prompts, with which you will be able to spend the points and pay for their purchase in part or almost completely.

Who is the partner program?

Now partners of the entire program are well over one hundred Federal and regional stores that offer the product in the following categories:

  • appliances;
  • health products;
  • jewelry;
  • clothes and shoes;
  • building materials;
  • air and railway tickets;
  • cellular and much more.


This enables you to pay for goods and services in different spheres of activity, which is very convenient. In every city of our country there are shops and companies that operate with the program «thank you from Sberbank».

Sberbank is trying to do everything possible so that his clients could save. Bonuses will allow you to look at your purchases in a completely new way. Regardless of whether you came to a regular store or make purchases in the online store, the bonuses will be a great way to save. Don’t forget to monitor the number of points to always be aware of how much you can save. Each ball will save the ruble!

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