How to connect laptop to TV?

Laptops – convenient option for a portable computer, allows you to create different presentations, as well as to watch movies and TV shows. What to do if you want to showcase your work on a larger screen than the laptop? Or, for example, if you want to watch a movie with the whole family? In such cases, the question arises – how to connect laptop to TV?

how to connect laptop to TV


Unfortunately, to connect a laptop to a TV is not always possible. First and foremost, the fact that both devices must have the appropriate connectors, which can connect them. Of course, in the absence of such, you can buy a special adapter, but you can pick them up pretty hard, and it does not always work. In this case also remains an option with a device for wireless transmission, but there are a number of difficulties.

So, how to connect a laptop to a TV? For starters, you need to find the video out of the laptop. Sometimes they can be more, but usually they are all on the back or side of the device.

  • Pretty classic a VGA connector looks like a few rounded rectangle, which contains fifteen contacts. They exhibited five pieces in three rows.

VGA connector

  • This variant is called S-video. It will have a round shape, which can be four or seven pins.


  • It is not hard to find RCA plug. It is painted in yellow color and is a round hole.


  • On some laptops there is a DVI port. This is a rectangle, which fit the twenty-four pins. They placed eight pieces in a row. DVI allows you to transmit high-quality.


  • One of the best options – HDMI port. Spruce is easy to find those who know what it looks like the port for the USD. The only difference is that this version is slightly longer and thinner. No need to try to find a HDMI port, if your laptop was made before 2008.


Television video inputs

When the desired port on the laptop is found, we need to find how to connect the TV. For this you need to look at his back wall, although sometimes the inputs are located on the side.

  • If the TV is standard definition, then it should present an S-video connector.
  • If the resolution is high, it is worth looking for options like DVI, VGA, and of course HDMI.

How to connect laptop to TV?

When all the necessary connectors for input and output is detected, it remains only to choose the right cord. Equipment can be very different. Some options connect the VGA and HDMI connectors, the other two ends have the plugs for HDMI.

If cable with the appropriate ends were not, you can buy in the store or look for an adapter. These devices allow you to turn, for example, the signal is DVI to VGA. Using other options you can connect the HDMI cords USB ports.

As a rule, it is best to be able to connect a laptop to a TV without using an adapter. Its use negatively affects the image quality.

In rare cases there is a need to purchase additional audio cable, if the first cord was able to only transmit video, but not sound component.

When all cables are connected, it is necessary in the TV’s menu to select the appropriate input. Sometimes this can help instruction. As a rule, then you need to work with zoom and extension, if the picture did not fit on the screen fully, but it is not always necessary.


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