How to conceive a boy?

The birth of a child is a joyous event in the lives of most families, but some lack the fact that their house appears. They want to have a baby of a specific sex, and most often people are interested in it how to conceive a boy.

how to conceive a boy

Why is it so popular was the demand of the men from the women to give birth to the son is unknown, but the fact remains. Much more often people are looking for a way to conceive a boy than a girl.

As absolutely a son?

In Internet easy to stumble across many articles that allegedly cite the tips that guarantees the birth of a boy. The methods given are many: some of them look very scientific, and the other very doubtful.

The problem is that if there was a sure-fire way of «programming» floor, everything would have already pre-determined whom they give birth. However, this is not happening, because no such methods do not exist.

Rather, there is one way, but it’s used so rarely that is unlikely to be available for someone. His name – in vitro fertilization, also known as artificial, or just ECO.

  • This procedure will not make everyone. It applies strictly in the case if the woman is diagnosed with infertility.
  • Prior to this probable future mother will have to endure a huge number of medical events that have a profound impact on her hormones.
  • ECHO, to put it mildly, it is not a cheap procedure.
  • Finally, and most importantly – even in the case of infertility, according to the law parents have no right to choose the gender. The only case in which this is allowed is the presence of genetic diseases that are transmitted strictly guys or girls.

Obviously, the probability to face a specific situation is very small. For this reason, it is necessary to understand that none of the following methods do not give an absolute guarantee that a son.

to conceive a boy

Which leads to the birth of a boy?

Anyone who has studied high school biology knows, what is the basis of conceiving a boy or girl. It’s all in the chromosomes. In female animals have two X chromosomes, while the male half of mankind has one X and one Y chromosome.

Y are speed and mobility, but they also quickly become unsustainable. The female chromosome is slower, but they lead to the conception and two days after enters the body.

Thus, for the birth of the boy it is necessary to ensure the most rapid fertilization to the Y-chromosome did not die. For this it is necessary to take into account the time of ovulation, and the man need to try to gain more of such cells. This means that for some time until the right moment of the cycle, the future father will have to forget about sex. But after that he will have the opportunity to show itself in all its glory. However, abstinence should not be too long – only a couple of days.

In addition, some suggest to pay attention to the following aspects for the successful conception of a boy.

  • In the preparation process should be from the hot bath, and as a future father and mother.
  • Some believe that the female orgasm appears alkaline environment, which kills the X chromosome. It is very doubtful, and it is worth remembering that this element is included in male cells. Despite this, it is believed that a woman should get an orgasm before men.
  • Gels-lubricants reduce sperm vitality, therefore, must be limited to natural lubrication.
  • At the end of the act, a woman must have a little rest, lying in bed.
  • Any attempts of conception must always be preceded by a visit to the gynecologist. It is necessary, first, to identify possible diseases, and the doctor will be able to evaluate the acid-alkaline balance. Problems with it will prevent the survival of the Y chromosome.
  • Finally, some «experts» offer to artificially increase the alkalinity microflora, for example, by using douching soda. However, the pH in women naturally increases during ovulation. Thus, the decisive factor will be the time of direct sexual contact.

Considering all these aspects can be seen existing methods, is positioned to increase the chance to conceive a son.


«Renewal of blood», the date of conception, the Chinese method

In matters of birth of the boy a huge value to assign a variety of calendars. Most of them look extremely doubtful, however, many women continue to use them.

For example, the common so-called method of update blood. It is based on the theory that every four years men and every three women, coming of the cyclic renewal of the blood.

If the mother is RH positive, then you need to plan to give birth to a boy in the year when more young blood will be the father. If it is negative, then you need to start from old blood. To understand what it is actually using the calculations from your birth date. If there were any operations, the children were born, there was an abortion or miscarriage three years should count from the date of these events.

update blood

Some believe that gender will affect the period in which she conceived, the future mother. If he was paired, then the boys should try to give birth in odd and Vice versa. There are special tables, allowing to understand, what was the period.

even odd

Finally, a very popular Chinese technique, painted the birth of a particular sex for all women aged 18 to 45 years. It is understood that is unlikely that a simple table can unite all females in a single system, but some believe that this method really works.

Chinese table

Lifestyle for conception of a boy

In addition to specific dates, in order to get pregnant a boy is to give preference to certain positions with deep penetration, and stick to the diet. Respective positions, there is quite a lot, so a couple will easily be able to find what she likes. For example, many prefer the next options.

  • A man sits, leaning on the back of a chair, the woman is placed face to him.
  • The woman is in a position support arms for blood or other surface, the man with the back.
  • The woman may be lying down on the back, but the pelvis should be lifted by means of a pillow.

From the point of view of food, folk traditions suggest to consume certain foods. Considered that they help to conceive a boy.

  • Suggest to increase the consumption of meat and fish, seafood is also necessary to give.
  • Eggs should only be used protein, it should stop doing cakes.
  • To buy like also impossible. Flour products, bread, cakes – all to forget.
  • Rice and semolina valid.
  • Among the plants offered potatoes, peas, beans and lentils. You can eat mushrooms.
  • Lettuce and dill have to leave.
  • In order to give birth to a boy, you can eat almost any fruits such as peaches, bananas and cherries.
  • Is not under the prohibition of pure dark chocolate, but the nuts should not be.
  • It is also better to give up milk in any form.

Before you adjust your diet in accordance with the above paragraphs, you should think about the health effects of such changes. Given that the result is not guaranteed, it may make sense to use other methods.

give birth to a boy

How to conceive a boy?

In this issue there are a number of tips concerning various aspects.

How to conceive a boy:

  • You need to give preference to positions with the deepest penetration.
  • Every sexual act must be accompanied by vaginal female orgasm.
  • It is believed that if a man seduced a woman, she yielded to temptation, are more likely to give birth to a boy.
  • The key factor is the correct point, namely, the time of ovulation.
  • The increase in temperature affects sperm – no baths, saunas and other ways to warm up.
  • Some do not stop to use the online calculators. They represent a kind of questionnaire where you want to place different data. Based on them will be issued the result on the best date.

There is a lot of popular tips on how to conceive a boy, but in their study it is easy to notice a simple fact – they often contradict each other. Some say that it should be given to the man in the moon, while others claim that the month must be young.

Some believe that the room should remain cool, and they contradict those who used to warm up the bodies. A number of beliefs advises the woman to lie down with head to the North, a lot of calendars and allocate the number of days that are optimal for conceiving a boy. However, all of this only confirms the fact that working methods hardly exist.

So probably should just surrender to nature, because in the end, who wouldn’t be born, the parents will still love it.

Shin , daughter

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