How to clear the browser cache?

The computer is a complex computing technique and its use may be a huge range of different problems. Some websites may stop working, some images refuse to appear, will break apps or games. Very often to solve different situations authoritative publications suggest to clean the cache. What is it? How to clear the browser cache?

how to clear the browser cache

What is the cache?

This word is borrowed from the English language, it can be translated as a closet. The cache is a location in computer memory, which stores different temporal information. Use the cache convenient, so how to get files from there much faster than other memory or the depths of the world wide web.

Actually, the cache is not only browsers, but it costs more to disassemble this option. When a person is sitting on the Internet with any browser, all that he sees, or otherwise saved on the hard disk of the computer. Thus, if he wants to re-open a recently-used page, then the computer will do this by using the cache, which still has the relevant files. The capacity of the cache memory is not infinite. Over time, some files that are newer, replaced by others.

How to clear the browser cache?

Although such temporary data is stored each browser in its designated place, the process of clearing the cache is similar in all situations.

Now the most popular browser Google Chrome. If you want to clean the cache at it, it is easiest to do this by Ctrl+Shift+Del. After clicking a window will open where you need to pay attention to the item «Clear history». Further, it is necessary to put a tick opposite the option «Image and other files stored in the cache». Then all that remains is to complete the operation with the button «Clear history».

cache Google chrome

Many continue to use the Mozilla Firefox browser. Using the same shortcut as in the previous option, you need to open the window «Delete recent history». Selecting the appropriate time period, click on the «show Details» button and put a tick only in the item Cache. The process concludes with the «Delete»button.

cache Mozilla

This browser allows you not to go constantly clean, and configure it automatically. To do this, go to settings of Mozilla, you need to select the Privacy that is in the History section. There you have to tick according to which when the browser is closed there will be automatic deletion of the cache. Pressing OK will complete the process.

auto cleanup of Mozilla

Finally, you should know how to clear the cache of the Opera browser. To open the «Clear browsing history» is used the same combination as in other browsers. It is necessary to set a period, the files which needs to be removed. The tick needs to be only next to «cached images and files». If everything is correct, then you need to click on «clean browser history» everything will be ready.

cache Opera

Computer cleanup

There are special programs that allow you to clear the cache of both browser and computer. Also they can be used to remove other temporary files, clean your browser history and conduct other similar activities. The most popular option – the program CCleaner. In its settings you can set what should be cleaned. Then CCleaner will analyze the files and give a list of what will be deleted and all that remains is to press the «Clear»button.


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