How to clean gold at home?

It’s hard to find someone who couldn’t appreciate the beauty of gold jewelry. It can be as a variety of jewelry and decorative elements, the clock and other items. Like almost everything in the world, these things eventually get dirty and lose their aesthetic properties. In order to get them back, need to know how to clean gold at home.

how to clean gold at home

Why is it important to clean?

The main reason is, of course, the fact that the oxidized products are losing their former beauty, their color becomes darker and unpleasant. But that’s not all. Gold is polluted not only because of the composition of the alloy, but also because of the sebaceous glands of man. It includes elements of various cosmetics and urban smog. If gold jewelry is not cleaned, then all this will be, at best, just on the skin, and in the case of piercings can go deeper into the body.

How to clean gold at home?

The cleaning process may differ, depending on what the alloy is made of a particular item. For starters, you should know how to clean gold at home, if it is white, that is a key component of the alloy is Nickel.

New products from white gold have a protective layer of rhodium, but over time it becomes thinner. During cleaning, it is important not to damage what was left of him, therefore, as instruments, preference should be given to soft tissues and napkins.

cleaning gold

You should do the cleansing mixture.

  1. For this you need to boil one hundred grams of water and pour it into a suitable container;
  2. It is necessary to add a tablespoon of detergent. It is better to choose a universal option.
  3. Mix the water and detergent.
  4. Add to the liquid one hundred grams of liquid ammonia.
  5. The cleaner lowered white gold for about an hour.
  6. The products are then rinsed with water and wipe the prepared tissue.

There is another version of the recipe. Join him for a glass of dark beer and egg yolk. They need to be mixed to a uniform state, and then RUB with a mixture of gold.

white gold

Clean yellow gold

Often, buying jewelry from this material, the person receives the product from yellow gold, although common and red alloy.

If the jewelry has tarnished, then solve the problem will help the following recipe.

  1. Take two tablespoons of ammonia;
  2. They added a teaspoon of all-purpose detergent.
  3. In this liquid the products are lowered for approximately three hours.
  4. Then, they can only rinse and wipe off with a cloth.


You can do this without ammonia, using only water and detergent. On the bottom of the tank need to put the fabric to jewelry was not injured, because the liquid along with them will need pokipyatit about fifteen minutes.

Will help in the purification and hydrogen peroxide.

  • 50 grams of the peroxide is combined with a teaspoon of alcohol.
  • Add a spoonful of detergent and a Cup of warm water.
  • After half an hour of products you can obtain from the mixture.
  • Then they need to be washed and dried.


Another simple recipe includes salt.

  1. Four tablespoons together with a glass of hot water.
  2. There placed gold jewelry, but lying to them will have almost twelve hours.

Not less than a simple and common ingredient is vinegar. Acid solution (9%) is poured into a container in which is placed the product. They need to be out in thirty minutes and wipe with something soft.


Jewelry with stones

It’s pretty simple, if made from gold standard ring or chain. But what if you want to clean products, which, in addition to the gold alloy, there are precious stones?

  • If the jewelry is created from soft stones, which include turquoise and pearls, you can use the recipes with alcohol and vinegar. Not suitable and variants of toothpaste or any other abrasive tool. From the detergents they can lose their luster.
  • The stones have to be dried immediately after contact with water.

You can use the recipe with a mild alcohol content of one part to two parts water. In such solution jewelry put on for twenty minutes, then wipe with a warm wet cloth. After that, the product should be cleaned with a dry cloth.

There is another option – this decoration can be cleaned with ash from the match. Then they will only have to rinse.


When you need to clean jewelry with hard stones, everything becomes simpler, because a variety of sapphires and diamonds will not suffer from alcohol and peroxide, they will survive and influence of soap. However, in this case, the most simple variant – to buy in shop a special tool to clean such jewelry.

gold sapphire

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