How to choose the most tasty and juicy melon

How to choose a melon? This question haunts those who are in anticipation of the season of ripening melons. Melon in appearance can be very delicious and Mature. Here only the external quality of the fruit have very little to say about the maturity and taste of its flesh. To solve the problem of selection of sweet melons will help advice from professionals who constantly have to deal with the melons.

how to choose a melon

What sort of to prefer

On the shelves of markets and shops you can see dozens of varieties of melons. Central Asian varieties have excellent taste. Yet they are famous because the fruit ripen faster, which grow in Russia. No less popular have Ukrainian domestic melons and melons, brought from the South.

Lovers of a juicy melon is usually chosen such varieties:

  • «Torpeda». It is easily recognized by the elongated shape.
  • «Galileo». Will differ in green peel.
  • «Altai». Attracted by its strong aroma.
  • «Farm girl». Has a round shape rich yellow color.

Almost all cultivated varieties of melon have the same value. A considerable amount of money the buyer has to pay for early fruits, which appear in June and July. With the onset of August, the price of melons drops significantly as begin to ripen in large numbers late varieties.

How to recognise a good melon for its smell

Aroma gives the possibility to estimate the ripeness of the selected fetus. The buyer should sniff the place where the flesh connects with the tail. High quality melon delicate scent of fresh flesh. If the flavor is barely felt, the representative of the melons have not yet had time to ripen, and therefore buy it.

what is the smell of melon

Choosing the fruit for its flavor you need to remember about such features. The melon will smell stronger in areas in which a high temperature. Therefore, to smell the products in store will be much easier than the fruit, which are sold on the open market.

Selection of melons for her color and sound

As for sound melon, then to determine it will not be easy. In this situation, you can’t just knock on the fetus, as is usually done with watermelons. Such action could trigger damage to delicate skin of watermelons. To hear the sound, you need a little Pat on the selected melon with his hand. A ringing sound indicates that is not yet ripe. About the opposite speaks muffled sound.

The color of the fruit does not hurt to pay attention. It provides an opportunity to understand, not damaging it during transportation or storage. Ideally, for melons of this type can only be one bright spot. It is located at a location which is in contact with the ground during the ripening of melon. Therefore, the rays of the sun before him, and has not received.

appearance of melon

Dark spots need to push the buyer. They appear in cases when the fetus begins to rot due to damage. The bacteria that cause rot easily make their way to the pulp through the thin skin. For the dining table, such melon just will not do.

Evaluation of the elasticity and appearance of the fetus

Another important indicator that tells the truth about as handy jugs. To appreciate it, you need to take the fruit in both hands and a little squeeze. It should start to slightly bounce. If the melon is very firm to the touch, it is not yet ripe. If after pressing the skin there are traces from fingers, and is likely overdue.

If the buyer chooses the fruit, which belongs to the class «torpedo», its top surface must be visible striations. «Altai» is the difference in a perfectly smooth surface. When the melon will be tested elasticity, its rind need a little scratched. The Mature fruit peel without any problems recede under the pressure of their fingers. But glossy surface is a sign that you haven’t yet.

selection of juicy melons

You should definitely see your own fingers after their contact with the melons. If they left oily spots, then the buyer picked up the goods, who had waxed. This simple method helps to protect the product from premature spoilage. So there is no guarantee that lying on the counter the fruit was brought recently, and not languishing here for a few weeks.

Will not prevent to examine in detail the tail of melon. If it is not dry, and a little privasy, it is enough ripe fruit. It is also worth to assess the condition of the nozzle, which is located on the site where once was located the flower. If it is soft, then the melons is good. The spout should be easy to push, but don’t fall into.

The effect of sex on her taste of melon

People learned how to determine the sex of melon. It is believed that «girls» several times tastier and juicier «boys». To distinguish by gender the fruit is not so difficult. If the melon is female, she is seen dry and thick tail. But the spout is very large and soft. If the fetus is bucking, then it’s «boy.»

Where to buy a melon

The above listed recommendations that will help to distinguish juicy and delicious melon unripe. As can be understood, to determine the quality of the products sufficient to carry out its evaluation on the odor, color and touch. That the fruit was not only delicious, but also useful, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of the place where you can buy.

de bought Dong

Delicious fruit recommended to buy in stores or places that are specially created for the sale of melons. All melons should be in the shade a short distance from the ground level. If they are lying directly on the pavement or ground, they can penetrate the dirt. This is especially dangerous when goods have minor damage. Then wash it will be very difficult.

It is not recommended to buy melons, even if they have a pleasant appearance, in the spontaneous markets that are created right next to the road. Almost every fruit has cracks. As mentioned earlier, through them in the flesh gets the dirt and dust. Besides, it could absorb the exhaust gases containing harmful substances.

Do not buy fruit, on the surface of which there are lumps of dirt. They indicate that they were collected in rainy weather. Because of this, the pulp of the melon may be too watery and virtually tasteless. No less concern should cause a perfectly clean fruit. Maybe before selling it bathed. This procedure deprives vegetables and fruits is a natural protective layer that prevents pathogens to seep in the flesh.

bulk sale of melons

Don’t need to agree to the entreaties of the seller to try a pre-sliced piece of melon to make certain its quality. Such a treat can cause serious poisoning, since the buyer does not know exactly whether complied with all the rules during cutting and storage of cleaned fruit.

Do not be afraid to assess the quality of liked the melons before buying. Because the only way the buyer has the option to choose fruit, which will be the main dish on the dining table. But spontaneous purchase can be very frustrating, as it deprives people of the chance to find among a mountain of melons really delicious melons.

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