How to choose led light bulbs for home?

Led lamps, as the name implies, function by led or LED – unit, which generates optical radiation in the direction of the current. Such lamps have gained popularity at the expense of safety and ecological purity, but also because of the economy. So many people wonder how to choose led light bulbs for home.

how to choose led light bulbs for home

The advantages and disadvantages of led lamps

When the question of savings on electricity almost did not stand, but today it is one of the most important issues for people. This is due to the increase in the number of appliances in the home that require network connectivity. With the development of lighting devices, first people began to pay attention to energy-saving lamps.

Soon they were replaced by LEDs, often referred to as LED. Today most people tend to purchase them and there are a few main reasons.

  • The most important aspect is the potential efficiency of such lamps. According to various sources, they consume 10 or 20 times less energy than normal bulbs.
  • The second point is their life. It is believed that they stand up to 100,000 hours, although there are some «but», which will be discussed below.
  • LED well carry a negative impact, such as low temperature and small bumps.
  • These lamps do not emit ultraviolet radiation.
  • Finally, led lights are ecologically pure. They are created from safe ingredients, the production does not use mercury, and therefore they can be easily disposed of.

There’s a flip side. Despite its advantages, the LED has quite a number of serious shortcomings.

  • First and foremost, is their high cost. Because of her light bulbs can be very difficult to pay off, and their use is not quite appropriate.
  • Withstand the 100,000 hours only in perfect conditions, which almost never happens. Russian grid subject to constant changes, leading to fairly rapid fading of the lamps.
  • If there is some degree of resistance to cold, they are resistant to heat, and therefore usually require additional radiators.
  • Besides all this, being questioned, and the light coming from such products. Note his strong directivity, bad facilities and some thepoorest lighting.

Thus, given the high probability of the imminent arrival of LEDs in disrepair, their efficiency is in question. Fortunately, the factor of ecological purity is not going away, but because these lamps still have a place to be.

light bulb

How to choose led light bulbs for home?

Supermarket shelves are crammed with many different options for such lighting. Given their diversity, it is difficult to understand how to choose led light bulbs for home. In the first place, it is necessary to consider the available specifications.

  • Power. As a rule, when choosing lighting, first and foremost, pay attention to this parameter. In the case of LED, it determines the price of the bulb and the extent of its frugality.

Typically, for apartments choose options, capacity ranging from 6 to 8 watts. They are a good substitute for the classic 60-watt bulb savings.

  • It is important to pay attention to the voltage. It should be suitable to the device that will be used light. Usually on the package or 12, or 220 V. it Is understood that the smaller number does not mean that the device will be more economical.

The next aspect is the world itself. Most people pay attention to, whether it is warm or cold. In fact hues a bit more, and some of them have peculiar names, like «cloudy sky» or «moonlight.»

  • The more the color temperature of the diode, the greater will be the cold coming out of the light.

Although many options are attracted to bright daylight, they are usually more acceptable for offices. For home will suit shades with the name «sunrise/sunset» range which is about 2600-300 That In this case the glow would keep the yellow, but closer to a softer shade. Should look for on the packaging of the names of «warm» or «soft» white.


The cap and radiator

Led bulb needs to fit the lamp, not only on the voltage parameter, but also on the base. If you choose too large, then the light simply will not fit into the device, and too small will not be able to gain a foothold.

There are several types of bases, but the most common among them two options – this is E27 and E14. The first is wide, and the second are quite narrow. It is important to know what base is required for each lamp to choose the right light bulb. Equally important is the form, as, for example, spherical options fit not in every interior light.

Since led bulb is practically not resistant to heat, an important issue in their relationship is the presence of the radiator. He takes the temperature from a block of diodes. Often the cooling system is non-existent, and sometimes it is made of plastic. Such options should be left in the side – it is best to choose a light bulb with aluminium finned surface.

To see the radiator only if the bulb is transparent. Through frosted glass, nothing will be able to see. It is a kind of reason to not to buy such options.


The angle and ratio

Focus lighting – one of the recognized disadvantages of led lamps. In fact, this aspect can be circumvented by selecting the appropriate type of the scattering lens. The nature of the lighting impact and it is covered with phosphors. As a result, light can create light angle of only thirty degrees, and may even reach ninety.

The location of the diodes inside the device is also lot of what he says. If they are all placed in one plane, the directivity of light becomes apparent. If they, for example, arranged in a circle, you will be able to give a more wide angle.

Many complain about the lack of LED brightness, but this could be avoided if you pay attention to the setting of the transmission color. In order to obtain a sufficient amount of light, you need to choose light bulbs that have this option is 80 and above. The problem is that the ways in which the figure is 95, has a very high cost.

transfer coloro

Packing details

The packaging of this product you can see a variety of information. For example, many manufacturers write that their product will withstand 50,000 hours or 15 years. According to these figures, of course, not worth it, especially given the intricacies of the functioning of the Russian power grids.

What you should pay attention to is a variety of specifications. For example, if the lamp is bought for dimmers, it should be stated that it is suitable for such devices. In addition, the packages should be:

  • Information about the manufacturer,
  • Warranty
  • Cap type and power
  • Color and ratio of transmission.

If you have other information, then it is good, but the absence of any facts – a sure sign to consider some other light bulb.



As led lamps are in high demand, many companies started to manufacture this product. Over time, formed a group of leaders whose goods are often praised. Among them:

  • «Feron»,
  • «Era»,
  • «Gauss» and others.

In the selection of alternatives from foreign producers, it is necessary to pay attention to specifications. The fact that, for example, in America, often used the base E26, whereas in Russian-speaking countries to find a use for this light would be very difficult. In addition, such devices are often designed for voltages up to 100 Volts.

In General, you should choose bulbs that are appropriate for the price range, and gradually on personal experience to check which manufacturers are worthy of more attention. The main selection criterion will always be specifications.


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