How to check the balance on a Megaphone?

Check account status – standard operation, which is used daily by hundreds, and perhaps thousands of cellular subscribers. To know the account balance can be in more than one way. We consider the most common, and you choose the most convenient and suitable option for you. Let’s in detail understand how to check the balance on a Megaphone and it is a paid service?


The USSD command

Often the subscribers of MegaFon, check the account status on the mobile device using USSD, a well-known service numbers. You do this by typing a simple combination *100#. After a short time the display shows information about your account balance.

Callers that are outside of the service area «home network», the rest of the money on account you can find out by dialing a short string of numbers and symbols *111*1#.

USSD teamThe USSD command

Another simple way is to send sms without text to the special service number 000100. In response you will receive a message that contains information about the status of your account. MegaFon does not charge any money for balance test in this way.

If you find it difficult to send an sms message, you can use the room 0501, which is a service. Just call on him and will let you know the remaining balance on your account. A call to the number is free. All of these numbers are not difficult to remember because they are very simple.

«Live balance»

This service can be connected on a fee basis. It is not only interesting but also very useful. Will not have to remember numbers which you can check the balance, as it will be displayed on the screen of a personal mobile device. Information on the monitor changes in real-time. For example, when making calls, the amount of naturally decreases. The service appeared very long time ago and became popular among owners of mobile phones, tablets, and smartphones.

Posluga Give balanceService Live balance

To activate this feature, simply dial the following USSD-request to *134*1# and make a call from your mobile device.

How to know the status of your balance over the Internet?

Many customers of MegaFon asked the question. On the website you can log into your account if you have existing SIM card. When you log on requires username and password which you can obtain by entering your number and clicking the password. In response you will receive sms-message with the data for authorization. The login acts as your phone number. You need to remember that the account password is temporary. Further visits will have to request a new one. Don’t think about this small inconvenience, since it is designed for the security of your personal data. If the password is changed frequently, and break it much more difficult.

Personal account of a MegaphonePersonal account of a Megaphone

In personal account but balance can be obtained and a variety of other useful information – change of tariff plans, itemized billing, disconnection and connection of services and much more.

How to determine how much money is left in the account modem Megaphone?

Currently, mobile Internet is not in place. Modem from MegaFon is one of the leaders in this field. To the Internet did not disappear suddenly, the need to monitor the balance of his account. There are a couple of ways:

  • The first is the easiest. You just need to log in to your account on the website of the operator. To need password as on the mobile phone. The username is the mobile number of the Megaphone-modem.
  • The second sms message with the letter «B» or «B» in English layout to the number 000100. To send a message from the Megaphone-modem, which has a section of the message. Press button «New message», enter the text and send it to the number listed above. In response, as the phone will receive an sms message with your balance.

After reading this article, you should have no issues on checking the balance on a Megaphone.

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