How to check Internet speed

Everyone knows about how important the speed of your Internet connection. Depends on how quickly we can find the information we need and promptly to perform various tasks. Modern equipment of the majority of providers gives you the opportunity to provide our customers with quality service. And we, faced with slow work of the Internet trying to find services that measure its speed. Although few of us understand that it can affect a number of factors inside of our computer. So how to check Internet speed?

how to check Internet speed

How to check connection speed

Need to verify the Internet speed you may need in a variety of cases. For example, you want to calculate how much time it takes to download a particular file. As it happens that the actual speed of your connection differs significantly from those stated by your ISP.

To check Internet speed there are several ways. It is important to understand that the speed of the network connection and downloading files there are two different concepts. Therefore, different to measure the speed of loading pages and speed their opening. The amount of information we receive in 1 second, measured in bits and download speed in bytes. 1 byte is 8 bits.


In the Internet you can find many services that allow you to test simultaneously these two indicators. But they allow to calculate only the speed at a particular moment.

To check the speed of your connection, which uses TCP/IP, you must use the Windows command prompt. To do this, click start, then click Run. You will open a window where you should type in the command cmd and click OK. The following window appears, where on a black background to be printed ping+ the name of the website from which you want to communicate -n30. After pressing Enter you will receive information on the speed of the connection to the selected site.

To save the results click the right mouse button. A window will open where you can select the command «Select all». After pressing the right button of the mouse, text can be inserted in any place convenient for you.

To find out where exactly the problem occurs with the actual speed of your Internet connection must be in the same box to drive a tracert (name of the website). After pressing Enter you will get a result that you can also save the document as desired.


Popular among users of the service, known as gives the opportunity not only to calculate the speed of the connection and also check your IP, region, operating system, browser which was logged in the Internet. In addition to this you will see the speed with which data is transmitted and received.

Test the speed of data transfer

One of the most important factors that make possible the operation of the network is the connection speed. To check real download speeds using different services.

To do this, go to the website, which allows you to test external Internet speed. One of the most popular services is the speedtestthat lets you know not only download speed but also upload speed information. Before you begin testing, make sure that you made all the settings necessary for network access.

Downloading the service offered, select the map region you want to test. For residents of the province will be better to choose the Moscow region. But if you live in the capital region for the test, pick any large city in the Russian Federation.

the speed of the Internet

The test will start after clicking on the selected menu item with the left mouse button. First you see a ping to the selected place, and after you see the download speed information and load data that will be displayed in the upper pane of the service. To test result was most accurate, you need to turn off your computer, all utilities, torrents, ICQ, etc.

As a rule, the result is displayed in the bits that may confuse the user. To offer customers pricing plans most providers usually indicate the number of bits transmitted in 1 second, which results in a significant values. Actually 1 byte=8bitam. This means that if during the download of the file you saw in torrent speed 1 MB (megabyte)/sec, it is equivalent to 8 MB (megabit)/sec.

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