How to charge your phone without charging – charging an iPhone

Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. But all smartphones have one drawback. They always die at the most inopportune moment. If the bag is the charger the problem disappears by itself. You can go to the nearest coffee shop or Mall and connect the phone to a power outlet. But how to charge phone without a charger? What to do if you need to make an important call and the battery is at zero? This problem has many solutions.

battery is at zero

USB port

You can use the laptop as a source of energy. Imagine this situation: you are out of town, and then suddenly the light is turned off. How to charge the phone if the battery is close to zero?

If you took a laptop, do not panic. Just take the cord that fits your phone and connect it to the USB connector. The phone will start charging, and you won’t miss an important call.

USB cable

If you don’t have a laptop, and the cord is, then knock on the neighbours. During a pleasant conversation over a Cup of tea, your smartphone will replenish their forces due to the courtesy of the computer.

But what to do in a situation when neither the cord nor the laptop nor the friendly neighbors nearby? There are other methods of charging the phone, which will be discussed below.

I won an iPhone


The device got its name due to the similarity with this amphibia. It is made in the form of a small box that has plug sockets and contacts. They are connected directly to the battery, bypassing the various inputs for cords.

The device operates directly from a battery that it charges. So it is suitable for all smartphones without exception.

Toad for phone

One «Frog» can charge all the devices in your family. And absolutely no matter what they are stamps: «LG», «Nokia» or «Alcatel». It’s safe to say that «frog» is a universal tool. If you don’t know how to charge your iPhone without charging, then pay attention to the device.

«Frog» is sold in many shops. Its price is more than affordable. In some stores you can find them for 300 rubles.

It reads SMS

Portable battery

If you go on the road, be proactive about getting an external battery pack. This «assistant» for mobile are very popular now.

External batteries are sold online stores and shops. The presented models have different capacity, it depends on their price.

You can buy a battery with an unusual design. Girls will appreciate the bright colors, men can choose steel case in the style of minimalism.

External battery

Charger from another model

If you saved the charger from an old mobile phone, then connect it to your smartphone:

  • Cut the end of the wire, which belongs to the smartphone
  • Bare wire with a sharp knife. To do this, make a cut near the end and pull the insulating material
  • It is time to turn to the knowledge obtained at the lessons of physics. Open the phone, remove the battery. Find where he «plus or minus» Droti
  • Connect the charging wires to the appropriate poles. Blue wire is «negative», it needs to be applied to corresponding sign on the battery. Red wire refers to the plus sign
  • If you did everything right, you should start charging. Glue the wire with Scotch tape or duct tape

Remember that to charge your smartphone way more than an hour.

Screen phone

Solar battery

Devices which get charged by solar panels, are gaining popularity. The sun each day gives us a large amount of energy that can and should be used. Energy from the sun is converted into electricity and makes the work a smartphone.

You can charge the solar battery in advance and take it with you. When the phone starts asking for recharge simply plug the magic battery.

Solar panels is the choice of tourists, who have no opportunity to access the socket in the mountains or in the woods. Remember that this charging method does not harm the environment.

Sun battery

Wind generator

People since ancient times have learned to use wind energy. In our days it is used for charging mobile phones. Wind turbines can be found in various stores on the Internet.

The device connects to a smartphone and put on the street. Charging will start if the weather is windy. You can also speed up the charging, taking the machine with me during a bike ride. The charging time of the phone wind generator – 6 hours.

Wind turbine

A Dynamo machine

If you are willing to spend their strength, then buy the Dynamo machine. This device generates energy due to the rotation of the special handle. To keep the iPhone fully charged, you need to work 2-3 hours.

Of course, few of us will turn the handle for so long. Therefore, these machines are often used for minimal battery charging. To have the opportunity to make a few phone calls or check email.

A Dynamo machine

Dynamo machine is convenient because this method of obtaining energy does not depend on the availability of wind or sun, as in the case of a wind turbine or a solar battery. You can easily get energy anywhere, regardless of the weather conditions and the phase of the day.

She reads a text


This method is suitable for emergency situation when you are in nature and are not near electrical outlets and computers. Fruit charging method is characterized by its extravagance. But it works fine if the smartphone was discharged at the wrong time. To get energy from fruit you will need:

  • 10 sour fruits (lemons, oranges, apples)
  • 10 copper coins or screws
  • 10 zinc nails, one for each fruit
  • Copper wire with insulation
  • Gloves of rubber. They will help to avoid shock

Charging the phone from Apple

So, if you have all of the above items, it’s time to start making an unusual battery:

  1. In each fruit, insert the copper coin (or screw) so that they do not touch each other. Otherwise, battery short circuit
  2. After that, take zinc nails and insert one in each fruit. The metal parts must not contact each other
  3. Take the copper wire. Use it to connect each fruit, adding to the network. From the copper element of one lemon or Apple wire should go to zinc details of the other. From a copper coin of another fruit to the zinc nail of the third
  4. Take a USB cable, cut its end, open the wiring inside. They should be screwed to a copper chain, which was established
  5. Connect the cable to the phone. Every one of the fruit generates about 0.5 volts, if you add up all the indicators, we get the output to five volts. This will be enough to charge the smartphone.

Lemon I charge

Zinc decomposes in acidic fruit, releasing ions that provide energy. Zinc ions dissolve copper ions, as a result, the smartphone gets even more energy. Connected in a chain, they make your battery will be charged.

Remember that for a long time to charge the phone so will not work. You will have time for a few calls, but nothing more.


If the smartphone was discharged, and the charger, don’t worry. You can always get energy for the battery, the key is to know how to do it properly.

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