How to charge your charge — useful tips

If you like to take the tablet on the road, you probably encountered a common problem — the battery is close to zero, and you have no charger. Or next to no outlet to enable the cord. In this situation, you need to know how to charge the tablet without charging. There are many ways to replenish the energy of your gadget.


USB cable

If the charger at hand was not, you can use a usb cable. Connect it to another power source. It does not matter whether it is connected to the network. The main thing that the battery has not been discharged.

So, if the usb cord you have, you can connect the tablet to the following devices:

  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • The TV has a usb input
  • DVD player that can play records with flash
  • Other tablet, if you have the adapter cable
  • Smartphone

Charging via USB takes longer than when the tablet is connected to the outlet.

USB cable

Car cigarette lighter

In the cigarette lighter socket should be set to USB connector. To it via a cable that connects to the tablet.

This charging method is convenient for those who spends a lot of time in the car. The driver can always monitor the battery level of the tablet. It is very important during long distance travel.

Cigarette lighter

External battery

The emergence of Autonomous power sources for tablets is a revolution in the world of technology. Now anyone can buy the desired battery capacity, charge it at home and to carry.

As soon as the tablet will report that he needed more energy to connect the power source. This is done using the usb cable.

External battery

Today to find such energy source is available in any online store or a phone shop. Manufacturers spend a lot of effort to create unique designs! You can choose the color and shape that are right for you.

To date, Autonomous battery are in great demand. They are leaders in the list of gifts to colleagues and friends. It’s safe to say that each holder of a tablet should have such a useful gadget. It can be taken camping or on a business trip.

The plane

Manual charging

Relatively recently appeared in the sale of the modern Dynamo machine, which can replenish energy stores tablet. For this you need to connect your device via cable and begin to turn the knob.

We all remember the lanterns, powered because of the movement of the lever. They don’t need penlight batteries. These are analogous to manual exercises for free.

Device three-in-one charging

Fully charge the device using a Dynamo you will not succeed. To do this, twist the stick more than 6 hours. This method of producing energy suitable for emergency cases. Handheld Dynamo you can take on a hike or a long journey.


Solar battery

Now a popular device that charges the battery of the tablet using solar energy. They come in different types and forms, but they are United by the presence of photocells. To the charging process is started, the x should be put under the sunlight.

There are two types of solar panels:

  • In the form of a smartphone. They come complete with usb cables and various adaptors
  • In the form of a folding folder. It can be spread out and hang on the backpack, so the tablet is charged during the campaign. Often these folders are made from waterproof material. They can change shape and bend

Tourists often hang solar cells on the backpack to have during the the way the device was charged.

Sun battery

If you go on a long trip, make sure that you purchase solar charging for your tablet.

But this device has one drawback, it only works during the day. After all, if the street is dark, then the energy of the sun is missing. But experts have solved this problem by developing a solar charger with lithium battery. She nakalyaet energy, which can then be used even in the dark.


The force of the wind

To think seriously about the future of the planet, scientists decided to develop a more safe types of energy. The above mentioned Dynamo and solar battery. Also, the list can include wind turbines, is able to charge the tablet using the wind flow.

The device is a small box with a fan inside. It connects to the tablet via the usb cord. The blades start spinning from the force of wind flow. The battery is charging.

But there is a small problem. It lies in the fact that in calm weather to charge the gadget will be difficult.

Wind generator

If you love Cycling or riding a motorcycle, attach the included wind turbines on the belt or on the wheel. Additional vortex, which creates fast movement will cause the fan spinning. And you will be able to charge the tablet.

There are also portable wind turbines, made in the form of small wind turbines. They have the base and three blades with sharp corners. This wind turbine is simply placed in the trunk of a car. It can be taken on a journey to the battery of your tablet was always full.

Wind turbine

AA batteries

There is a device which can replenish the battery of the tablet using AA batteries. It is made in the form of a rectangular box into which are inserted the batteries. Then connected the usb cable.

The device does not charge the tablet completely, but enable him at some time to important information is possible.

AA batteries

Three in one

Also in sale you can find the wonders of technology that combines several types of chargers for your tablet. For example, it may be a solar cell, a Dynamo and an external battery at the same time.

Such gadgets usually have instructors, accompanying travelers in difficult campaigns. Multifunction charger to charge the tablet, even if it’s nighttime, and the external battery at zero.

A Dynamo machine

If the tablet is dead and the charger, do not panic. There are plenty of ways to charge the tablet. In order to prevent this situation, make sure that the bag has always been a gadget that will help to replenish energy battery tablet.

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