How to call the operator Tele2

How to call the operator Tele2

Lately more and more popular among mobile subscribers is the operator Tele2. This became possible due to the fact that the operator offers to all its subscribers to obtain high quality communication service for minimum money. In this regard, more and more people, the question arises – how to call the operator Tele2? This does not have to buy a SIM card from Tele2. It can be done not only from a mobile phone connected to this operator, but with normal landline numbers or from numbers to any other operator that works on the territory of Russia and abroad.

Call from a mobile phone with a SIM card Tele2

If you are a subscriber of the mobile operator Tele2, for communication with the operator, you can simply type a combination of numbers 611 and the call button.

To connect with support menu of auto item that you prefer and in the tone mode, press the appropriate key. If it can’t do that for reasons beyond your reasons, it is enough twice to listen to the information on the main menu, then you will be connected with the operator.

Before making a call, prepare your passport, because in most cases, the data required for some procedures.

If you do not have time or you just don’t want to wait until the free specialist who can answer you, you can choose the service of the automated system. You can also visit the official website of the operator in his private office.

Muscovites connected to the tariff «Call cheaper» can call the number 88005550611. If necessary, have the opportunity to receive quality care, save the number in phonebook. All calls are free.

how to call the operator

Call from any mobile or landline phone

You need to contact the operator Tele2, but you have no SIM card? You can use any other mobile operator or to the city to communicate with the call center.

To do this, go to the official website of company and place of registration of your SIM card locate the desired number. In this case, will be charged for the call. Its size depends on your data plan.

Call roaming

Sometimes during international travel the person, whose phone is roaming, you may experience various difficulties. To solve all the problems, you can contact your operator by phone +7 951 5200611. No matter where you are, your account will be charged the connection fee, which depends on the tariff plan.

the operator

Contact via the Internet

If you are not able to make a call, and the assistance of the support specialist Tele2 necessary, you can visit the official website of company and fill in a special form indicating the region of residence. In this form you need to specify the reason (service issues, claims for the quality of services provided by the operator, gratitude, and the like). After processing your application you will immediately meet a specialist who will help you cope with the arisen difficulties.

Possible to communicate with the operator by e-mail or But remember that to process your question and answer to you, the specialist will take some time.


Feedback is possible through the official operator group Tele2 in Contact Besides addressing your question, here you can find all the news, best deals, promotions, free apps and other services provided by the operator Tele2.

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