How to call the operator life?

Lifecell is a company providing mobile communication services, which until 2016 was known as life:) or just life. As with all such organizations, subscribers often appear problem, to solve which independently they not can. Here the question arises, how to make a call to the operator’s life.

how to call the operator life

It is believed that there should be no problem – just dial a specified number, and there is a connection. To reach a live operator every city is becoming increasingly difficult.

Features Of Lifecell

This company provides the cellular services on the territory of Ukraine, while it is wholly owned Euroasia Telecommunications Holdings B. V. She, in turn, bought by the Turkish operator Turkcell.

On the territory of Ukraine is represented by about eighty centers, where callers can seek help. A little less than two hundred exclusive stores located in hundreds of cities across the country. In addition, there are about 150 points of sales and a huge number of exclusive points.

Subscribers of this operator have a code 63, 73 or 93. In the case of international calls, they look like +38063(73, 93). As of 2015, the number of users of this brand exceeded ten million, and the median income is equal to 35.5 UAH per person. The GSM network is available almost the entire population of the country.

In addition to Ukraine, the question of how to place a call to operator life, can occur in people who live on the territory of Belarus.


Previous events

To reach a live operator, so hard, as a rule, due to the fact that the calls very much. The vast majority of them are easy to solve with the help of automated systems that life provides in sufficient quantity.

Waiting for a response can take a very long time, so, before you take your problem through a very difficult and unique, it is better to check once more is not the answer to the question in walking distance.

First and foremost, you should visit personal office, which now starts to subscribers of almost any operator. It will provide an opportunity to learn a huge number of different information, and it is possible to use various functions. Often, the view of the Cabinet helps to find the solution to many problems, like «Why not pass the calls?» (no funds) or «Where the money went?» (this is a statement and a list of connected options).

Secondly, subscribers can use self-service for inclusion is need to dial *111# and press the call button. Phone prompts and voice menus allow you to solve a number of problems, not spending hours waiting for the answer of the employee.

Finally, the answers to questions can be found on the Internet, especially on specialized forums where they can personally ask.

phone money

How to call the operator life?

The process of connecting with a live person will be slightly different depending on, is a call from Ukraine or Belarus. However, in any case, it requires a large amount of time. On the territory of Ukraine operates the following method.

  • First, you still have to use the voice menu. To start the process you need to call the number 5433.
  • First and foremost, you will need to choose the language that should be the conversation.
  • Then there are lists of various items. Necessary is the fifth, so in the right moment to press the number 5.
  • Then continue the enumeration of the various options, which will have to click on zero.
  • This will start the communication with the operator. Sometimes the system asks about the desire to join the assessment of the quality of communication. And you can not refuse, but some believe that the agreement improves the speed of connection to the operator.

After this it remains only to wait for a response. In extremely rare cases it is possible to talk in a minute, but often have to wait for half an hour, maybe more.

On the territory of Belarus the process of communication will be different.

  • Used to call room 909, or 920. The resulting set of triggered the answering machine, which tells you what to press next.

the call to the operator

Other numbers for calls

In order to get through to the operator, it is possible to use not only a short number. This case is suitable, if the subscriber is calling from your city from your phone. However, some circumstances, use telephone or SIM card of another operator. In addition, it is necessary to consider the situation with calls on roaming. Following are the features of talking on the territory of Ukraine.

  • In order to make a call from a landline, the number 0800205433. It is also worth to apply and in that case, if you need to call with a SIM card of another operator.
  • While roaming, you can use a combination of +3800042336363 or +380635433111.

If you want to get through to the operator on the territory of Belarus, the following methods.

  • City phone or other SIM card will give you the opportunity to contact life, if we use the numbers +375259090909 or +375172959999.
  • If the subscriber is in roaming, then it needs to use these numbers — +380442336363, +380635433111.

In all these cases it is necessary to remember that the conversation will be paid. For this reason, it is better to postpone the call until you exit the roaming or find the appropriate SIM card. In addition, it is necessary once again to consider the possibility of checking the personal account, as well as correspondence with the operator in a special online chat at the official website.

If the problem can wait, then the person has the right to use the other two methods. First, it can submit your request by Faxnumber — +375173285886, or use email.

Leaf shape will most clearly and extensively describe the situation that has arisen. The text should be directed to the address Though the answer will have to wait to use this method is really in any place and at any time.

the operator

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