How to call the fairy of the desires at home

What you need for the ritual?

Before to do this, you need to understand what you really want. In addition, you have to believe in the magical power, otherwise, to call the fairy will not work, even if you did everything correctly. Fairy wishes comes only to people who have a positive attitude, so, before the ritual of her call will cultivate this attitude. Your mood should be good, but the spirit is exalted, then the fairy will certainly fulfill your dream.

How to call the fairy of wishes

If you call that a magical being in a bad mood, the effect can be reversed. She will resent you and not just ignore your dream, and will give you a lot of worries and minor troubles. Then you will definitely reach your goal. Therefore, for the ritual to prepare: in a good mood, politeness, awareness of desires and the compliance with all magical rules.

Despite the fact that the fairies are very sweet and kind creatures, cause they need only when you strongly want something and not doing it purely out of curiosity.

Now let’s talk about how to call the fairy of the desires at home.

When and how to conduct a ritual?

First you need to determine the day of the call. It is recommended to use the lunar calendar. What you need to prepare for the ritual?

  • Pencil. It is desirable that it was wooden and not very sharp.
  • A sheet of paper.
  • White ribbon. Its length should be minimum 1 meter.

Once you are prepared, you can start the ritual. So tie a pencil tape. Now write down what you want. The dream is to be formulated as clearly as possible. Avoid the phrase «I want», otherwise the fairy will find you too demanding. Start writing a dream with these words: «Let me be…». Then we will discuss written out loud, and while you’re doing it, slowly wrap the satin ribbon on the pencil. Through time, this wish will come true.

who is the fairy of wishes

This is just one of the ways of ritual summoning fairies home. It is believed that the most effective is a ritual held at night. The best time for this ritual is a full moon. Consider this ritual. It will need the following:

  • Candles (three).
  • Water (to fill glass).
  • Sweet candy.

During the ceremony at night, it is important to hang in the house each window. In the room where the ritual must be dark, the light should come only from burning candles. They should be put in such a way as to form a triangle. In its center is placed a glass of water. After these preparations say aloud the words: «Fairy, please come to me and show yourself!». Next, you can see how the water will come into motion. If not, then you did something wrong. In this case, try again. As soon as you notice that water began to move, tell me your desire. At the end thank the fairy for service candy.

You need to wait a few days for the realization of dreams. You should not abuse the kindness of fairies and call her often. This ritual is held once in three months.

Now let us consider how to call the fairy of the desires of the day at home.

Day rite

To conduct this rite is not difficult, the main thing – to know exactly what you want to ask the fairies. Let the desire is constantly spinning in your head, then the fairies will be easier to implement it. Do not call her for some of the little things, because in this case, the fairy may become angry at you and at other times just not come.

how to call the fairy of the desires of the house

So, prepare the following: chalk, chair, paper, sugar, saucers and water.

Each dish was filled with water. Written desire hides in a pocket on the left side. Chalk on the floor is drawn a small circle. In its centre place a chair. Put a saucer filled with water, and sugar. And now, most importantly –call the fairy, saying these words: «I call upon the lady of nature and a singer of dreams fairy of dreams». Then say what you want. It must be done very clearly to the fairy well understood. After that, fill sugar in each saucer and wait until it will not dissolve in water.

To maximize your chances of wish fulfillment, you need to carry out a ritual during a full moon. These days you can determine using the lunar calendar. Day of the week is not important.

Street ritual summoning fairies

On the street decided to conduct magical rites, including and the call the fairies desires. The rite does not suggest that you need to go to the forest or to look for the pond. You can hold it, just walking down the street. What do you need?

  • Prepare in advance a piece of paper which will be written in your dream.
  • Find a quiet place where few people.
  • Use the ringing of the bell.

The ritual comes to life when you go in a circle. Should go counterclockwise. Hold the bell in your left hand, and a piece of paper with the dream on the right. You must complete three laps and then stop and whisper to pronounce his desire and read it from paper. At this time use the bell ringing after each spoken word.

In this magical ritual it is important not to doubt the existence of such a mystic character, as the fairy wishes, but not to doubt the possibility of realization of his desire. Remember that every thought is material, everything that we make sooner or later comes true. Fairy wishes only accelerates the process of realization of desired in life.

fairy to dream

Don’t forget about what to call the fairy you can mentally, at any time of the day or night. You can do this absolutely anywhere, most importantly, to mentally communicate with her. Then she will come and fulfill your desires. When you have established her mental contact, tell her about your desire. Explain what you want and why. After that, pay attention to the world around us. You will definitely see tips that gives you the fairy that you implemented the plan, and your wish came true.

Calling the fairy of nature

The favorite habitat of the fairy of the desires of nature, whose patron she is. Therefore, to call for the easiest. For the ritual you will need flowers. They must not be cut, as it would offend the fairy. It would be best if you hold a ritual in a field where flowers grow.

Once you are alone with nature, mentally say your wish. When you do, don’t think about anything else. Your condition should be as relaxed. You need to feel happiness and to feel the harmony with nature, in harmony with it. Then the fairy of desires and we will hear.

fairy wishes

Refer to the fairy: «Fairy, I’ve come for your help. Grant my wish!» Only after that will discuss the desired.

At the end of the ritual, you have to thank the fairy for help, leaving her sweets. A week later, the wish will come true. This ritual will help bring your dream to life, the main thing – to understand clearly what it is you want. No need to dissemble with a fairy. She will bite you and won’t help. Try to be sincere. Don’t wish others evil fairy won’t stand for it.

Thus, we considered all possible ways to call fairies.

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