How to call Queen of spades at home

The Queen of spades – the famous character, which attracts with its mystery. Many people believe that you can communicate with her, if you know how to invoke the Queen of spades at home. The legend says that her spirit is able to fulfill any desire.

Girl and mirror

Who’s the Queen of spades

In a deck of cards the Queen of Spades has a bad reputation. The appearance of this woman in the fortune situation does not Bode well.

There’s an old parable that tells the life story of the Queen of spades. Hard to believe, but once she was a sweet and friendly woman who is destined to marry the Jack of his suit. But the heart wants what it wants, the Lady was not in love with him. She loved the knave of hearts.


Favorite asked the Queen of Spades to kill her rival, the Queen of hearts. Intoxicated with passion, she gave her consent, and came by night to the castle to commit the crime. But then she was arrested. It turned out that the knave of hearts framed it, he had planned to marry the red lady.

Since then, the Queen of Spades became evil and cruel. In each girl she began to see her rival and the husband – the traitor.

The Queen of spades

Call The Queen Of Spades

To call the Queen of Spades, you should do the mystic ritual. For this you will need the following attributes:

  • Mirror
  • Red lipstick
  • Candle
  • The cloth
  • New deck of cards, which wasn’t used for games or divination


Ten minutes before midnight will complete all preparation. You need to draw on a smooth surface is a staircase of 13 steps. For printing, use the lipstick. On the top step, draw a door with a handle.

Extinguish the light, light a candle. Put on the table a deck of cards, from the top to be the Queen of Spades. After that, wait for midnight. At a time when the watch will time, 00:00 o’clock, stand in front of mirror and say out loud three times: «the Queen of spades, come!»


If you did everything correctly, the mirror will begin to thicken, and the candle will crackle. The flames can wiggle if came the breeze. If this happens, know that the Queen of spades came to your house.

Sometimes it is not immediately. Repeat the ritual words, wait a few minutes. After the candle flame will begin to break, you can see in the mirror of a female face or the outline of the silhouette.

Face in the mirror

Sometimes the people causing the spirit ,see how the black man down shows schematically the stairs. This mysterious black Lady you’re looking for.

Sometimes when the call of the spirit is heard muffled laughter and shuffling footsteps. They are the messengers of what you have carried out the ritual successfully.

The candle was burning

How to ask a question

Often the people who cause supernatural forces, fear of strange noises and rustles. So they immediately forget why you got in touch with the spirit. Do not make this error.

Not to forget your question, write it down in advance on a sheet of paper and put it next to the mirror. This will help concentrate at the right time.

Map in hand

After the entity appeared, loudly and clearly ask your question and make a wish. You will hear the answer. Often people distinctly hear him in my head, like an echo.

After that you should immediately banish the spirit, he has a chance to take root in your home. It can be dangerous.


How to get rid of Queen of Spades

So, if you have voiced your desire and asked the question, remember that it is necessary to say goodbye with a mysterious Woman. To do this, take a pre-prepared cloth, wipe off any mirror stage. Should start from the bottom up.

When the whole ladder will disappear, take the card Queen of spades, take it outside and burn it in a comfortable place.

The suit of spades

If you have to call the Queen of Spades, don’t tell about it to friends and family. Keep this information secret until the desire is not fulfilled.

Video instruction

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