How to call Gina?

It’s hard to find someone who in childhood did not try to call the Queen of Spades or Bloody Mary. Often people wonder how to call Gina, planning to make him their dreams come true, or just decided to see what happens.

how to call Gina

The potential danger

The main thing you need to understand, determined to figure out how to call the Genie is the fact that it is possible to expect the appearance of a good-natured Jeannie from Aladdin, created by disney. Much more likely it is that somebody will appear like an evil Genie Jafar, although both has very little in common with these Jinn.

The point is that they are the same the Queen of spades, is the evil spirit, and therefore potentially dangerous, and try to call them only at your own risk.

According to Muslim legend, this mystical creature always has a choice to be on the side of good or evil. Respond to anyone of them.

threat gene


In order to reduce possible danger, it is necessary to prepare various protective elements, and also the place where you want to get Jean. This space is necessary to enclose five pink crystals that are set in a circle. The size and shape can be any, so you can buy the stones in specialty stores and get them out of jewelry. Important role in the protection of the spirit can be a prayer, but they must be Muslim.

The rite of passage you can use a lamp because it is symbolic, but not necessarily – will fit almost any ware. It is important to consider your desires before the start of the ritual. They need to write down on a sheet of paper.

pink crystals

Features of the Genie

It is important to correctly formulate their wishes. If they are written so that there are several possible interpretations, gin must choose the least favorable to the petitioner. Also, this spirit does not give super-powers, and phrases like «control the world» only made him angry.

How to call Gina?

The rite begins with the fact that gets some sort of ancient vessel, which for a long time nobody touched. It is not necessary to clean the dust. Taking a kind of lamp in both hands, you need to visualize the energy that slowly begins to penetrate.

ancient vessel

Proposed energy due to the vessel to shrink and expand from it, forming a funnel. It should completely fill the vessel, and then you must say, «Here, gin, this is your home now». Then the spirit will need time to calm down and get used to the new place. To continue the ritual can only take about a day.

Day to touch the bulb, focus on their desires and pronounce these words: «gene, you call! Fulfill my desire». After these phrases you want to read aloud to their pre-recorded desires.

The completion of the ritual

When all desires are expressed, it is important to complete the ritual. First, Gina is in any case impossible to keep to yourself – it should be released. To make it simple enough. Taking the container in both hands, you say: «you’re free Now». You must then close your eyes and imagine the energy going to the lamp, now leaving her.

Second, we need to thank the guy who came to your aid. You need to thank him for his efforts when he leaves the lamp, and then just have to wait for the fulfillment of desires.

waves of energy

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