How to call an ambulance from your mobile?

Once that person received medical treatment, the other man had at all stages to ride a horse and rush to the nearest doctor. If he agreed to come to the aid, it must be delivered back to the patient. Today is quite different. For example, the question – how to call an ambulance from your mobile – absolutely normal, because at any time anyone can face such a necessity.

how to call an ambulance from your mobile

People are constantly getting bad. Can happen a heart attack, someone might get into an accident, and possibly an armed attack. In such situations, not to look for a landline phone, dial 03. It is necessary to act promptly. Fortunately, almost everyone today is in the hands of the smartphone, with which you can call an ambulance.

How to call an ambulance from your mobile?

It is impossible to doubt the importance of calling ambulance. For this reason the call to the hospital is possible, even if the phone has no funds. However, the matter is not so limited. To get the doctors succeed, even if no SIM card at all, or if it is blocked.

So, how to call an ambulance from your mobile? The room will be slightly different, depending on the operator, but the General gist will be similar. Although in some regions it is possible to find not very well known communications company, is there a way to call an ambulance and such simkart. However, you first need to consider a call from the card of subscribers of the four giants of the cellular industry.

  • MTS. The number to call in an ambulance they settled on the classic 03. It was only slightly changed by adding another zero. Thus it is said «030». These figures should be used for subscribers of MTS, if you need to call an ambulance. You can also call directly at the hospital or clinic, if the hand was a room. This combination of numbers +7 and the area code.
  • Megaphone. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel and have used the same combination as MTS. Thus, subscribers of the megaphone should call an ambulance using the number «030».
  • Beeline. Here the changing rooms are quite similar, however, the zero was delivered to the end combination, and the beginning of it. If there is a need to call the physicians using a SIM card of Beeline, it is necessary to dial «003».
  • Tele2, got its popularity not so long ago, did not violate the canons. The number to call ambulance here is the same as the majority of operators, i.e., 030.


Universal number

What to do if your mobile operator is not listed in the above list? Or you got somebody’s phone and you don’t know what company you purchased the SIM card? Perhaps there is no clear assurance whether the situation is medical?

In all these cases you can use a single rescue service. Dialing 112, the person can talk to an operator who will help to understand the problem and direct the call to the appropriate service.

Thanks to the movie everyone has heard about the number «911», which is forever trying to call the girls, running away from maniacs. Do not try to repeat this in Russia or other countries. This room is available only in the United States.


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