How to call a month in case of delay?

Every 30 days girls are waiting for their periods and when they do not start on time, it can provide a concern. But there’s no rush to figure out how to cause period delay, first we need to determine the cause of this phenomenon.

The culprit for the lack of menstruation may be:

  • Pregnancy in the early stages.
  • The abrupt change of climate.
  • A strict diet or severe changes in diet.
  • Abnormalities in hormonal background.
  • Diseases of the genital organs.
  • Obesity or degeneration.
  • Stress or extreme strain on the body.
  • Medication.

How to cause period delay

To determine the cause in some cases it is problematic. If pregnancy can tell the 2 strips on the test or ultrasound, hormone imbalances and diseases of the reproductive system, can detect a doctor.

When you need expert advice?

A few days delay is not a cause for concern, especially if such situation is repeated. However, for some cases, a visit to the gynecologist is mandatory, this should be remembered as young girls and experienced women.

  • If pregnancy test negative but missed period exceeds a week.
  • Pronounced pain syndrome, accompanied by discomfort or itching in the groin area.
  • Appeared abnormal discharge with an unpleasant odor, yellow, green, gray or brown color (unusual for a regular period).
  • Girls aged 15-16 years.
  • The inability to cope with stress.

When you need expert advice?

To consult with a specialist is recommended and in case there was a long reception of medicines, which leads to crashing in a loop. Visit the gynecologist every six months will ensure the preservation of women’s health, therefore, should not be underestimated routine inspection and avoid consultation.

Medicines that cause menstruation

If menstruation is not in puberty, then they should not rush in other instances to help can come drugs such as:

  • The Vitrum is a hormonal agent which can be used when menstruation is delayed for more than a week. The dose selects a specialist based on the results of analyses of hormones. After the onset of menstruation stop taking it. In the case of conception, the main is useless as it includes progesterone.
  • Utrozhestan — contains progesterone — the hormone, and, in fact, an analogue of the above drug, but differs slightly in composition. It is recommended, if you have individual intolerance to antiseptic. It can be used including vaginally to suppress the increased production of estrogen. The treatment can be 10 days. During pregnancy, the drug ineffective.
  • Postinor — a great tool that contributes to the onset of menses. Accept it and, if necessary, emergency contraception, but the abuse is contraindicated – no more than two times a year. Period begins 2-3 days after ingestion. Of the side effects of isolated nausea, strong fatigue, weakness.
  • Mifegyn to buy at the pharmacy this drug does not work, as it is highly specialized and is delivered directly in the antenatal clinic. It is used for medical abortion on term of 10 weeks. When receiving 600 mg monthly can begin within days. However, the woman should be under a doctor’s supervision.


  • Monitor — of all these medicines is the safest. Besides, it can be purchased at any pharmacy. Necessary to take it 2 tablets per day, menstruation begins on day 5. Contains progesterone, so it is prescribed during pregnancy.
  • Pulsatilla is the only way in which there is no hormones. It’s homeopathy, which prescribed, if the absence of menstruation is caused by stress, or excessive physical exercise on the body. It is sufficient to take 7 pellets and result can be expected the next day. But, if not, it is not recommended to repeat the course.

How to induce menstruation, without leaving home

The development of the pharmaceutical industry, women have used herbal tinctures and decoctions, calling monthly, if the delay was not caused by the conception. For example, enriching the diet in vitamin C, increased consumption of parsley, lemon, green tea, took hot baths. Such measures also have hastened the onset of menstruation, however, the enhanced blood flow to the uterus during pregnancy is contraindicated as it can cause severe bleeding and require emergency assistance.

Here are a few of the popular ways to call monthly for delay:

  • Receiving sedative infusions

If crashing in a loop caused by severe strain, effective means may be the usual sedative or motherwort. You can prepare a decoction of chamomile to brew Valerian root. You can even eat 2 times a day, the onset of menstruation in this case is difficult to predict, as it depends on stabilization and full of nervous tension relief.

Receiving sedative infusions

  • Herbal decoction

To give effect tincture made from nettles, marjoram, rose hips, elecampane, knotweed, yarrow and root of Rhodiola rosea. They are all taken in equal parts and poured a liter of water. Infusion before use to give time to stand for 24 hours in a warm place. It is advisable to use all the tincture per day.

  • Douching

You should prepare an infusion of chamomile diluted in equal proportions with warm water and spend a few douches. Month can occur during the day.

  • Abdominal massage

A small manipulation with the combined pressures will be effective if the woman is sure that not pregnant, otherwise, massage can cause miscarriage.

Even using folk remedies should not increase the dose or happily combining them, as grass, as any drugs if uncontrolled combination can give unpredictable consequences and cause severe side effects. If there is doubt, better to consult a specialist.

Prevention of delayed menstruation

Ideally, to deal with the consequences and to practice different ways of call when delayed menstruation, and to prevent such a problem. Keep in mind a few guidelines that will help to regulate the cycle and promote women’s health.

Morning exercises

  • Many long to walk, do not forget about morning exercises.
  • To lead a healthy lifestyle, eat more vegetables and less fast food.
  • To avoid excessive physical stress, provide relaxation and a healthy sleep.
  • Drink plenty of clean water.
  • Not to Deplete the body diets.

The female body is very complex mechanism, with its own characteristics, so the approach in each case to the problem of delay must be individualized. It is best to cope with the gynecologist, because the correct treatment will not only hasten the onset of menstruation, but also eliminate possible problems with conception and a hormonal imbalance in the future.

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