How to build chest muscles at home

Every year the sport is becoming increasingly popular and in demand. Not all become world Champions or Olympic Champions, many do for health, for aesthetics and for fun. Some men are wondering how to build chest muscles at home, when there is no necessary equipment. In fact, for pumping the chest muscles do not have to go to the gym, engaged in the gym and lift big weights. To give a good load on the muscles is possible and in house conditions, using the means at hand.


If you have a great desire or a motivation, to build muscle chest can be in the home, the main thing is to maintain regularity in training, to engage with pleasure and receive from this pleasure. Self-hypnosis and samonastroj here also play a big role.

How to build muscle at home

First and foremost it is worth noting that in order for muscle has got a beautiful and full view, not enough to be of some loads. Another is to think about a proper diet that will directly contribute to the accumulation of muscle mass. If the power is to block all your workouts, instead of beautiful and traced the body you will be able to see subcutaneous fat, which will look very aesthetically pleasing.

pushups at home

To home practice gave good results, the first is to develop a training schedule. They should be held at least three times a week with a duration of 40-60 minutes. You should also observe the norm, it is not necessary to practice every day, because after training must be time for recovery.

Push-UPS on the books

Since the home does not always have dumbbells, do push-UPS on books or on the fists. For pressing enough to take 8 books, 4 books under each hand. The distance between them shall be not less than 60 inches, because in this position you will be comfortable to deal with. Should be possible to fall down, dropping the chest below the level of the books. In this case, it will strain the chest muscles. The lowering will take up to 8 seconds.

For a good workout you need to do 15 pushups in 4 sets. Most importantly, you need to pay attention to the speed, it should be minimal.

Push-UPS with a stop

For this exercise books are no longer needed. Here are simple pushups, but with one peculiarity. At the time of the spin you need to stop halfway and stay in this position up to three seconds. Then sink down as much as possible and return to starting position. The deceleration is done at the time of push down. Only 10 repetitions, 3-4 approach.

Quick pushups with cotton

The option of push-UPS suitable for professionals, because to do push-UPS with cotton when lifting your body will be difficult. Fall down at a slow pace, then push off from the floor and literally jumps out body up, taking your hands off the floor, and making cotton. If cotton will be difficult, since the beginning of this exercise it is better not to do. Leave it to the trained time.

pushups with cotton

It should also be noted that this exercise is done last because it takes almost all the effort. Repetitions and approaches you can do as much as strong enough.

Exercises for upper chest muscles

  • Pushups with incline

Put feet in elevation, it can be a bed, chair or 5-6 books. Perform regular pushups from the floor, only feet all the time are on the hills. Falling down, try to stay on 3-4 seconds to as much as possible to work the muscles. Then slowly return to starting position and repeat the exercise 3 approach.

Each exercise should be performed at a slow pace, observing the necessary range of motion. At home can any pushups, they are a great alternative to the large weight on the rod, which is useful only in the gym.

right thing on his chest

If you have no time, then your option would be pushups at home. It include push-UPS to work all the chest muscle group, so after a few months of regular exercise you will definitely achieve the desired result, saving money and money for a trip to the gym.

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