How to build the press?

When a person decides to improve their physical form, most often he wants in the shortest possible time his stomach has changed dramatically. Mainly, girls want to this part of body just became slender and flat, and men want to know how to build a press, to achieve its topography.

how to build a press

Of course, muscle care and many women, even ladies who’d be horrified at the thought of their appearance, don’t worry. Without special additives virtually no girl will be able to pump the same amount of muscle as the man, but to achieve excellent shape and good health through exercise are able to virtually anyone.

Basic principles

Although the abdominal muscles and are that recover and develop quite quickly, you should not believe the articles that promise «cubes of the week», and certainly not worth spending the money on drugs or devices that «guarantee» the perfect press for the shortest possible time.

Any changes in the physical human form requires time and usually considerable. Interestingly, the more someone is overweight, the faster it will lose it. However, having a relatively acceptable form, to achieve significant improvements is difficult. The most important thing is not to stop and work.

Wanting to pump up the press, people should always adhere to the correct diet and to exercise regularly.

It is important to understand that is unlikely, and highly undesirable, to work exclusively on press. First, get perfect abs, not working on the muscles of the back, will not work at all desire. Secondly, have a press with a certain degree of muscle development, combined with a thin, imperfect hands and feet – not the prettiest picture.

hard training

How to build a press?

Almost everyone knows the classic drill press, so unloved (although someone like) ever since the school. Lying on the mattress, the man had to raise the body 90 degrees upward, and then a classmate was holding his legs.

rise 90 degrees

Yes, this exercise can be useful, if there is a question about how to build a press. However, it really is a variety of ways, but more importantly – we cannot restrict ourselves to this exercise.

The press is not one big muscle. In addition to the Central in our torso has upper and lower muscles, as well as the side. Do not forget that they all, in one way or another connected with the back muscles, and that, in turn, affects the neck. In the work on the stomach involves many muscles, but because only one exercise is not enough.

So, mindful of the existence of the standard ascent housing you need to explore other options.

Exercises for abdominal muscles

Although the upper part of the stomach worked out easily enough, exercises aimed at her, involves other muscles, so you should pay attention to such a load. In order to pump the upper abdominal muscles, you can perform a slightly modified version of the standard lift of the hull.

  • Lying on the floor, legs should be bent at the knees, hands behind his head.
  • It is important to keep the elbows divorced, do not pull the neck and look up.
  • The elevation is at a slight angle, about 40 degrees.
  • You need to exhale on the upward movement, inhale when lowering.

the rise of the case 45 degrees

Important are exercises for the lower abdominal muscles. Most often they are practically not developed in women.

  • Starting position – lying on the floor, legs straight, stretched forward, arms parallel to the body.
  • You need to slowly raise the straight legs to vertical position and then lower back.
  • In the initial stages, to facilitate, to raise the legs bent at the knees.

leg lifts

To achieve greater efficiency from almost any exercises by adding weights. They really hold in their hands, and put on the stomach, but carefully, to avoid undue pressure or risk of falling.

You need to pay attention and side abdominal muscles. For processing there are a variety of exercises. Consider a variation of the classic «Bicycle».

  • Starting position is the same as in the classical elevation of the trunk.
  • In turn, the knees drawn toward the body, like riding a bike.
  • To each knee alternately need to reach the opposite elbow, gently turning the housing.

Pres bike

Relief press

Six-pack abs will require not only regular exercises but also the use of weights. It is also crucial to get rid of abdominal fat, otherwise the whole terrain to hide behind him. For this you need to carefully study the principles of healthy eating and implicitly to follow them. Do not forget about working on the back muscles.

relief press

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