How to build a house in minecraft?

Minecraft – a fascinating game which allows people to escape from the routine and plunge into adventure. The game’s plot is unique, and the possibilities are almost limitless. Gamers often wonder how to build a house in minecraft. Because the buildings occupy an important place in the game space. To build a house easily if you follow a simple algorithm.

How to build a house in minecraft

The Foundation and walls

Build a house in the game space resembles the usual construction. You need to stock up on supplies and patience. Most importantly, do not rush, and follow a pre-set plan:

  1. Foundation – the Foundation of the house. To build it, choose stone or brick. Try to make the Foundation smooth, eliminate the bumps and the protruding edge
  2. When the Foundation is ready, start the construction of the walls. They can make the thickness of one or two blocks. The second option is more credible
  3. The finished wall can be painted or Wallpaper paste over. Use colored wool to add to home comfort. Make your home unique How to build a house in minecraft
  4. When the Foundation and walls are ready, it’s time to move on to the construction of the roof. This is the most difficult item on our list. Put up a shape resembling a pyramid. What it do? You can use any material. A good basis for roof will serve as rungs made of wood. The result will surprise you and delight you

So, the house already has walls and a roof. What’s missing? Of course, Windows, stairs and doors. Without them, the housing resembles a bunker.

How to make Windows

The construction of the window – a rather difficult task. If you make the usual hole in the wall and decide that the window is ready, it will make a big mistake. Mobs can see you through this hole. Necessary to insert the glass. You should make glass blocks. This kind of Windows not only make your home less vulnerable, but will also improve the appearance of the house.

A window in minecraft

Blocks of glass can be done in different sizes. If you wish, you have the opportunity to build a whole house out of glass.

The glass in Minecraft also vulnerable, as in ordinary life. The explosion near the house is able to break the window. After this glass will not protect you from mobs, they will be able to look inside. Testing of explosives can also damage the Windows.

To make glass easy. This requires a heater and sand. Pereplavit sand to make the glass surface. To do this, take sand and put it in the oven, then take out the finished glass.

Sklo minecraft

How to build a door

Every house must have a door. You can choose iron or wood. You should also decide what will be your door, single or double.

To produce high quality wooden door, take six blocks of boards. The type of planks can be any.

For the construction of metal doors use iron blocks, they too must be six.


To do a double door, first create two normal doors and then put them side by side. You will see that there were common fold.

Once you have learned how to build a door, you should know how to destroy it. For this you can simply beat her until she cracks. But a simple but a long way to destruction. If you want to destroy a door like a professional, break the block to which it is attached. After that the door leaf will become a regular item, just pick up the dropped door.

Door minecraft

How to make a ladder

The steps needed for the modeling of stairs. They will help you to quickly climb up the slabs to move much more difficult.

For stairs suitable materials such as boards, stones, bricks and sandstones. Put in a bench of six units of material. Put down three blocks then two, and then another. Turned stairs. If you make one line, and then back 90 degrees and install another, you get step to form a corner. You can also turn the stairs upside down.

Shtinky minecraft

Once the house is ready, move the comfort inside. Place the bed, hang pictures and install the fireplace. You have to spend in this place lot of playing time, so use your imagination and be patient.

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