How to brew coffee in Turku?

Today on the shelves of the store you can find a large selection of coffee. It can be soluble, freeze-dried natural, granulated. One of the best is coffee brewed in a Turk. It has a pleasant aroma and rich flavor and is invigorating for the whole day. But many who have not tried to prepare this drink, wondering how to brew coffee in a cezve on the stove.

coffee in a Turk photo

How to choose a good Turku

In order to prepare the aromatic beverage, you will need a Turk and coffee. But it often happens that the improper choices can cause a brewed drink will be delicious.

how to choose a Turk for coffee

If you select the Turks must adhere to one rule: it must have a narrow neck and wide bottom. This form allows the grains a good boil. The drink is filled with flavor, not giving it with a pair. Thanks to the narrow neck, the steam collects on surfaces, creating a foam. It is also worth to take into account the size of Turks. Coffee is served only hot and if Turk large volume, the beverage can quickly cool down. Turk needs to be made of copper, since this material provides a uniform and fast heating.

How to choose coffee?

The taste of the drink also depends on the degree of roasting coffee:

  1. Easy. It is the soft palate. Due to minimal heat treatment, the grains retained their distinctive flavor. Among the most expensive types.
  2. Average. The taste becomes stronger than light roast.
  3. Strong. Has a rich aroma and strong flavor. Most often used for expresso.

how to choose coffee

How to brew coffee in Turku

The most popular method of brewing coffee in coffee pot – cook it on the stove. The drink can turn out different each time, as this method allows you to experiment and add sugar or spices to change the dosage and boil a few times. There are a few simple ways:

  1. In Turku to fall asleep, coffee to taste (one or two tablespoons). For the preparation of the most suitable small coffee grinding. Then pour cold water and put on the stove. That coffee would give all the flavor you need to cook on a small fire. The taste of the beverage may deteriorate, if you bring it to a boil. Therefore, coffee should keep a close watch and remove from heat immediately as it starts to boil. After the coffee grounds sink, beverage can be poured into the Cup, pour the sugar, pour in the milk and enjoy its taste.
  2. It’s a faster way. The taste of the drink will be slightly different. First you need to pour in Turku water and put on the stove. After it boils, Turku remove from heat and pour in the teaspoon of coffee and stir until, until you see foam. Turku then again to put on the small fire and again bring to boil. Coffee gives aroma and the taste becomes more intense.
  3. The following method will suit lovers of strong drink. For its preparation it is necessary to take Turku, rinse under running water and dry it on the fire, that would be the metal bit warmed. Then, you should pour cold water and put some coffee in the taste. Cook on low heat. As soon as the foam, turn off the stove. In five to seven minutes to re-enable and bring the drink to a boil over medium heat. To what would coffee became stronger, and need time to remove it from the heat and don’t stir the grounds.
  4. This recipe will please fans of a fragrant drink. To prepare it, you need to fill in Turku a little less than half a teaspoon of ginger and pour water. To put Turku on the stove and bring to a boil. Received water to pour into a separate bowl. Then rinse and dry Turku on fire. On the bottom sprinkle of sugar to taste. If you always drink this drink without sugar, it can take only a spoon of sugar. Put on a small fire. When the sand starts to turn into caramel, add:
    • two cloves;
    • three pieces of black pepper that you first need to split or cut;
    • a couple of pieces of cardamom;
    • coriander on the tip of a knife.

coffee in Turku

It is extremely important to add all the ingredients quickly until one of the sugar remains white in color. Then you need to add two spoons of coffee. After a few seconds pour the ginger water. Drink cook on low heat without disturbing it. Before this wonderful drink, he needs to brew for a few seconds.

  • Aromatic coffee you can cook another way. It is called Turkish. At the bottom of the Turks to pour coffee and a pinch of salt. You can also add cinnamon, cardamom or nutmeg. For half an hour to warm up all the contents by shaking of Turku. Then pour cold water, but only until the beginning of the neck. To put the drink on fire and once formed foam, remove it. To do so not more than three times. The drink can be decorated with powdered sugar, whipped cream or coriander. This coffee will be a great addition and decoration of the festive table.

What can be the coffee?

Coffee can be quite different. It all depends on my mood and imagination. In the process of cooking, you can add cocoa powder or chocolate. Also good addition would be orange peel, honey, lemon juice or cane sugar. There are even recipes that involve the use of alcoholic drinks such as liquor.

aromatic coffee in Turku

Drink, you can add milk, cream, and even ice cream. But drinking coffee with something is considered bad manners. This drink should not be mixed and to do it on the basis of other dishes, as it is very important to feel the aroma and taste of grains. Because each variety has its own excellent qualities.

As said the French writer agnès Martin-Liu gang, happy drinking coffee and reading books. Indeed, this amazing drink gives many people pleasure, peace and inspiration at times. Those who your day starts with a Cup of coffee, no heart problems, they are energetic and happy. It is for a Cup of coffee occur not only business meetings, but even important conversations.

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