How to borrow in MTS?

Mobile phones have changed the rhythm of our life. Cell communication helps to resolve issues quickly and not to miss important. But what do the MTS, if with zero balance, you need to make an important call? How to borrow in MTS?

How to borrow in MTS?

What is «Promised payment»

This is the most common way to borrow a little money to the cellular company. The service is available to the subscribers, just connected to the network, there are already established clients. Beginners MTS gives out a loan in the amount of 50 rubles. Then this amount is growing and could reach $ 800 per week. It all depends on how much you used to spend on mobile communications. Also of importance, how often you replenish your balance.

If you replenish your personal account MTS per month for 300-400 rubles, MTS will give you a loan for 100-200 rubles. If you joined balance 501 rubles and more, the loan amount is quickly increased to 800 rubles.


The promised payment of 50 rubles is available to any MTS subscriber. Monthly expenses are not taken into account.

To get the re-loan you should pay off previous debts. This condition is required.

Trustee payment, the customer is given 3 days within which you need to put on your account for the amount you have provided you mobile operator.


How to connect a «Promised payment»

There are several ways to connect this indispensable services:

  • If you decide that the service «Promised payment» is right for you, use the command *111*123#30, and then click the green handset. The number 30 here, the loan amount that you want to. Accordingly, if you plan to take loan in MTS 300 rubles, the command will look like: *111*123#50 call button

After a set of this order you will receive an SMS confirming activation of the service «Promised payment»

  • Call from your phone to the number 1113 and follow the instructions
  • Go to the website of MTS (, select your region and log in. Find in the menu the string «Payment», click on the link «Promised payment»


How much is the «Promised payment»

If you take out a loan in the amount of 30 rubles, the service is absolutely free. If the amount is over this mark, «Promised payment» will have to pay.

Write-off takes place after the end of the term of the service. This figure is added to the loan amount you took.


How to pay MTS for this loan? It all depends on the amount:

  • To 30 rubles – for free
  • From 31 to 99 rubles to 7 rubles
  • From 100 to 199 rubles – 10 rubles
  • 200 to 499 rubles and 25 rubles
  • More than 500 rubles – 50 rubles

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How to get a loan with a negative balance

Did not notice that went negative, and the terminal far? Are you in a city where there are no shops, and the Internet catches mediocre? Don’t despair. If you have minus 30 rubles, you have every right to use the service «Promised payment». If you went into the negative by a large amount, even if it is 31 rubles, the loan use will not be. But there’s always a way.

MTS company has developed for subscribers a service called «full trust». Take advantage of it, you can chat with other subscribers as long as your balance is closer to the mark minus 300 rubles.


To activate the service, type the following command:


No subscription fees, connection free. A prerequisite for using the service:

  • timely payment of your bills
  • the constant increase of the cost of your mobile communications

On some tariff plans of the service «In full confidence» is activated by default. Therefore, if you care less you can make calls. Remember that if you exceed the limit on the loan and did not pay the bill on time, your room block.


If the balance of the phone is close to zero, and there is no terminal for payment, no worries. You can always type simple commands and connect services «Promised payment» or «full trust». Just write down the sequence of numbers and characters in the phonebook to in case of emergency to use them and to be in touch.

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