How to boost immunity

Any person faced with the colds of a different nature. And it’s not pleasant. After all, if a person is sick once a year, it can be taken as an unscheduled vacation. But when you succumb to a cold of any, even the smallest of reason, then it is an alarm. Consequently, the immune system of your body is weak, and can no longer cope with emerging infections. What to do in this situation? How to increase immunity? You can not always go to sick or afraid of any draft.

how to boost immunity

In fact, the solution to this problem is, because the human body could and should be constantly developed. Not rare to see people free to plunge into the icy water, and after that they did not have even a runny nose. And such a result may achieve any. Is simply to use several techniques to increase the level of its immunity.

What is the body’s immune system

Generally the immune system can be defined as is its ability to resist foreign cells and various infections. And not just to resist but to destroy them completely. That your immune system is weakened, you can learn by noticing the following signs:

  • Very often sick to colds.
  • The raised temperature is kept for a long period of time.
  • Appears chronic fatigue.
  • Constantly suffer from headaches, which is transmitted to the joints.

If you notice any of these symptoms, then it’s time to seriously engage in their own health, and begin to strengthen the immune system.

a quick immunity boost


Of course, the immunity transmitted to us from our parents and fifty percent is formed when the child is in the womb. But the other part is a matter of the person. And because your own immune system can not only improve, but also worsen. Figuratively speaking, the human immunity can be built from three components:

  • Healthy eating.
  • Balanced physical activity.
  • Normal sleep.

But, unfortunately, that many people often forget. And remember when we started having problems with health. Immunity can be improved in different ways. It can be as medicines and traditional medicines. Which is better – this is the choice of everyone. But it is obvious that traditional methods will not cause harm to your health, under any circumstances.

Tools to enhance your immunity

The first way to improve immunity is to eating healthy meals. It is important to know that your products should have the necessary animal and vegetable proteins. So you have to actively eat meat, fish, egg, milk. These products will help you to enrich your body with animal proteins. And vegetable protein is contained in such foods as peas, beans, buckwheat. Before this diet must include the vitamins A, C, E, and St. They can be obtained by eating carrots, grapes, cranberries, cabbage, sunflower oil, any greens and nuts.

a good immune system

The second method of lifting immunity consists in the complete abstinence of the person from cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, which have a very negative impact on our health in General. In this case, it is allowed to drink only dry red wine. With a daily dose for the organism, as preventive maintenance, shall be not more than one hundred milligrams.

The third way is to begin to teach the body to cold. And this method is not to walk around naked in the snow. But to train the mucous membranes to react instantly to changes in temperature. Must have practiced pouring water every day for ten minutes. The water should be of two types: one with a temperature of twenty degrees, and the other thirty-five. And to make such procedure is necessary every morning and evening.

Can also be used for hardening the wet Mat of foam. It is necessary to moisten with cold water and stand for a few minutes with no socks, naked feet.

vitamins for immunity

The fourth method you need to use everything. Even those who believe that he has a strong immune system. It is that you have to constantly avoid stress. This is the main enemy of the immune system. Therefore, every person need to learn how to safely respond to everything that happens around. By purchasing this skill, you can protect your immune system from rapid destruction. Alternative action against stress is laughter. It is known that it prolongs the life and not only.

To boost immunity you can use herbal teas. Has beneficial effects on the immune system, chicory, ginseng, Chinese Magnolia vine.

But it is important to remember that boosting the immune system will turn out only one way. To solve this problem, you must use all the facilities. And most importantly – all should be stability and permanence.

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