How to boil eggs?

Among the many products that can be prepared quickly, the eggs don’t lose their popularity. They say that if they are in the fridge, you will not stay hungry. With eggs you can fry eggs, and if you add milk or even some ingredients, you get a hearty omelet. However, the most diet way to consume it is the best source of protein is being cooked. So how to boil an egg?

How to boil eggs

Depending on personal preferences, it is possible to obtain dense yolk (i.e. cook hard-boiled), or liquid (boiled).

General rules

Although the General principle of cooking eggs is always the same, there are some subtleties. First, some people put them in a pot, pour water and then turn on the gas. And some drop the eggs in already boiling water. The first method is easier and safer – no risk of burns, and the likelihood that the shell will burst from the sudden change of temperature is minimal.

However, if a person wants to put directly in boiling water, then it must be done by successively lowering the eggs in the water a tablespoon.

For cooking it is better to choose the dishes of a small size so the eggs will be less space for movements, and this means that they don’t fight each other. If you put them into a large pot, when boiling, the shells may burst, and its contents will be in the water.

You should not keep the flame too high. Cooking will approach the average temperature.

Sometimes cracks can occur, due to the fact that the blunt end of the egg had too much air. In this regard, some prefer to pre-pierce that part with a needle.

The first option – soft boiled egg

egg uncool

How will this product depends on the cooking time. In order to get watery the yolk which is eaten with a spoon, you need to:

  • put the eggs in a saucepan and cover them with cool water to exceed a centimeter;
  • bring to a boil, then slightly reduce the heat and cook three to six minutes.

Three minutes – option for those who want to eat the egg without removing the shell, only opening it from the top. Everything inside is almost liquid.

If cook another minute, then the protein will be thick and the yolk will still be viscous. Another minute, and liquid will be only its core.

The second variant – cool

egg cool

For those who prefer a fully welded, thick eggs, use the method of cooking hard-boiled. The cooking method is the same as the method soft-boiled, but cooking time is 7 minutes, although you can hold up to ten.

Once the egg is cooked, you need to immediately put them under cold water. First, remove them from the shell, while she is hot, is unlikely to succeed. Second, such a temperature difference will make it easier to clean eggs.

How to boil eggs: the degree of readiness

the willingness of the eggs

Internal as eggs can be the judge of how it’s done. If after cooking, in food process, it turns out that the yolk is bright orange in color and slightly watery in consistency, so the cooking time was insufficient.

If it is easily and freely separates from the protein and it has a grayish hue, it will indicate the digestion also.

The perfect yolk is light yellow, a bit frail.

Rules of washing eggs.

how to wash eggslike-cook-yaytsa

It is very important before cooking properly wash eggs to the body did not get Salmonella and other substances that accumulated on the shell the moment it appeared, and before getting into the packaging.

It is believed that they need to RUB the brush, you can use soap. Washing is especially important if you are going to fry the eggs, as in brewing of microbes will die from the effects of boiling water. However, better to secure yourself and spend a few moments previous to washing eggs.

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