How to behave with a man early in the relationship

Every woman wants to see next to a reliable and loving man. But, having met your soul mate, a girl can’t keep a mate, as I don’t know how to behave with her husband.

A woman with a man

The three secrets of relationships

Building harmonious relationships is a difficult task, which under force far not each woman. There is a list of rules that will help to attract the attention of men:

  • Not dictate his own rules. Man always wants to be first, he is the breadwinner and the winner. Always keep in mind the proverb: «the husband is the head but woman is the neck». You can get it to do what you want. But this does not have to read the notation and snapping a whip. Select the carrot, this method is much more effective
  • Do not humiliate his status, do not compare with others. Remember that your partner always does the right thing, praise his decision and in case of failure, be sure to cheer. If my beloved will feel that you are always ready to empathize and sympathize, he would turn to you for support and advice. And that is the Foundation of a harmonious family


If you are dissatisfied with his actions, never talk about it in the forehead. Of course, if we are talking about physical abuse, these relationships should finish in the Bud

  • Do not throw tantrums, they scare men. The strong half of humanity comes to the delight of calm, self-confident women. No one wants to see an unbalanced eccentric person who had hysterics at the slightest pretext. So keep yourself in hands. And if you love to row, then do not do it in the presence of her husband


Female mistakes

The beginning of any novel – an exciting moment. Girls need to know how to behave with man in the beginning of the relationship. The main thing is not to make gross errors, not to scare off the suitor. So, what should pay attention, if you come across your love and do not want to lose him?


  • Be mysterious. Open book will be of interest to him, but not for long. Not worth it on a first date to reveal all the cards. Do not tell details of the biography, and do not seek immediately to introduce him to friends and family. In the beginning of a relationship there is only you and him and this fragile universe should grow and develop gradually
  • Praise him. Praise is pleasant to all without exception, both men and women. Notice all his victories, even minor. In your eyes he must be a hero on a white horse. Convince him of that, and he believed in himself, and will soon be named
  • Don’t look on all hundred. Do not make yourself a weekend when you allow yourself to look sloppy. The house also always be brand-new. Husband does not want his lover walked around the house in scruffy clothes and no makeup.

neslihan hair

Always be careful and friendly, if it will become a habit, many problems will disappear by themselves

  • Don’t talk about the former men. Even if you want to compare choices and prove that a new passion is much better than the previous partner. A man must be sure that upon meeting him, all the old relationships faded and forgotten. There’s only him, his charm and his sympathy for you

Hugs and coffee

Whether to call first?

You exchanged phone numbers and he hasn’t called? Wait a day or two, and then dial the cherished number. Perhaps the person is busy with chores. Soon you will know it.

One of the main women’s mistakes – the excessive obsession. It is not necessary to throw its SMS and messages in social networks. Men do not like when a woman fills all space.


Engage chosen, and then he will defeat you with calls and messages.

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