How to become a mermaid

If you have a little girl, probably from her you heard about the desire to become a mermaid. Not surprisingly, not only kids want to be like these graceful creatures. A lot of teenagers after watching the movie «H2O» asked the question: «How to become a mermaid»? Turns out it’s not so fantastic and there are ways of converting.

The easiest way to become a mermaid

To become a real mermaid, every girl enough to wash in the morning, presenting in this time, as her legs turn into an attractive ponytail. And in the evening, enough to gain a full bath of water and add colored stars, which should be cut from the film, or sculpt from clay.

How to become a mermaid from the movie «H2O»

Mermaids from the movie have become your idols? Well , there’s a way to be like them. To do this:

  1. Below after conversion to cope with the magic powers, exercise on a regular basis.
  2. Water treatment should be daily and take at least 30 minutes. Best of all, if you start to use the pool. But if you have no such possibility, then suitable and conventional bath.
  3. If you still have not learned to swim, we urgently need to do it right now. After all, without this skill it is simply impossible to become a mermaid.

Observing all these rules not less than 1 month, you will have a real chance to become a real mermaid and get the desired effect.

How to become a mermaid with no tail

It turns out that not all mermaids have a tail, the same as in fish. And this does not mean that their power of enchantment is not valid. In addition, it will avoid attention from others. To become like this, remember these words: «My water. And I’m the mermaid of the red virgin. I’m a mermaid and a Queen. I will turn this moment, but a real fish tail will be invisible for all».

This spell should be talked over 4 times and simultaneously jump as high as possible and clap their hands. But do not forget that doing the spell will not be more than 3 hours, so be prepared for the fact that it will have to sometimes repeat myself to the forces of enchantment has not left you at the most inconvenient time.

Become a mermaid regardless of the day of the week

It is thought to influence the transformation and time but rather the phase of the moon. After the full moon, all inhabitants of the watery elements are currently assuming power. Mermaids from «H2O» is also turned, during the full moon. But, it turns out that you can do it absolutely any day.

For this you will need:

  • swimsuit;
  • fishtail;
  • amulet;
  • sea shells;
  • 2 necklaces;
  • stones of large size;
  • colored paper.

Once all the details have been collected, select the location where to do the transformation. Would suit a spacious room in the center of where you want to lay out the stones, and adorned them with pieces of colored paper, mimicking seaweed. Next put a bowl of water, and above it on a string hang a month. Around the stones lay shells.

Turn on nice, quiet music or even better, if you manage to find a disc recorded on the sound of the surf. Sit on the rocks, tucked next to a fish tail. On the neck you need to wear the amulet. Relax. It’s conversion time. Prepared for this seashells throw in a bowl of water and say, «I become a mermaid right this second»!

Go back to the moon and say: «I give the promise of water that will teach and perform all its laws, to respect the inhabitants of rivers and seas. Instead please allow me to be a mermaid».

Stroke the tail, collect all the items and go to sleep. And in the morning you Wake up already a real mermaid.

Become a mermaid in the tub

There is another way of becoming a mermaid. However, it can be lengthy. Some people get it the first time, and someone has to do the ritual several times.

  1. For this third day of each third month of the year to be filled with water. In each corner you need to put and light a candle. The light in the room needs to be switched off.
  2. Pick up the tail of a fish and say the spell: «You’re cold water power took, so I got my tail to be cold.»
  3. Immerse yourself in the bath with his head. Eyes should be left open to see the candle light. Try to survive as long as possible. A signal that you have succeeded, will be seen stirring in the room at that moment, when you will be under water.



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