How to become a fairy

After watching the cartoons, most little girls have a desire to become a fairy. These are miniature creatures from fairy tales that have magical abilities. According to legend, they live in forests or parks, where equip yourself by dwelling on the tree or within the land of the hill. Their magic power is infinite. Usually, they use it to help people, but sometimes they still allow themselves a little bit naughty. So how do I become a fairy?

How to become a fairy

Fairies – who are they

The first thing you need to do before you start turning into fairy – prepare yourself (or better and all others) to this moral. While tired people sleep, little fairies do all the work around the house. They always do good deeds and help people in seemingly hopeless situations. For example, if the person is seriously ill, they are able to get a miraculous cure. They can turn into any creature, and even become invisible. Therefore, without certain abilities to become a real fairy impossible.

To see a fairy only in the evening, at dusk. To be afraid is not necessary, since they themselves are completely harmless creatures. To them in no way to offend, in any case it is impossible to tease the fairies. Otherwise, they never again you will not find it. Despite the fact that the favorite color of fairies – green, their clothes may be the most incredible shades. These beings can control nature and all its elements: to cause rain, stop the storm, etc..


How to make a fairy

Anyone who wants to become a real fairy, need magical abilities. And where to get them, not like most fairies. But you need to meet her. And here already there are difficulties. Previously, to get the fairy you could just say her name. Appearing, they can perform any desire of man. But, today people completely forgot their names. Yes, and the fairies ceased to respond to them.

Although the way to meet them is still there. You just need to take a jar of honey, his little fairies just love to go with her to a nearby forest or Park. There needs to be an open can, for example, on the bench to sit, eyes closed. It will take quite a bit of time and you will hear their mischievous laughter. Fairies prefer not to show to the eyes of people, especially young children. So even if you meet them, better take a look and don’t look at them, not to frighten.

becoming a fairy

And to speak with him. During the conversation, and you can ask little beings than they themselves have magical power. And to finally becoming a fairy, you have three weeks, every day to do everything that you want fairy. But be careful – if at least one of them will fail, that the little fairy might be offended, then you will never again meet.

Become a fairy of something

But there are other ways to meet a fairy. For example, your goal is to become a water fairy, all you need is just come to the nearest pond to become a moon fairy, takes a long time to look at the moon, etc. to See her is almost impossible, but you can feel its presence. In this moment whispers tell her about your desire and be sure to promise that will never use the acquired skills to harm. That’s all. Now you can go home and go to bed to waking up in the morning to discover they had magical powers.

turn into a fairy

If you are scared to go at night in the woods or just on the street bad weather? No problem, become a fairy, can even staying at home. Type in a bowl of ice and wait until it will melt. Down to the water hand and imagine that you are moving with magical powers. Just need to decide what you will now be able to. On becoming a fairy will take a few days, so you’ll need patience.

There are other ways to cause the girl to his home. To do this spread, both index fingers toothpaste that you brush your teeth and rinse it for at least 1 hour. Then 5 times out loud say that you are now a fairy. It will take quite a bit of time and you will hear noises and quiet sounds. This will be fairies. And now you’re like one of them will be able to talk to them. Ask them to share their power and go to sleep. But that’s not all. Now you need to try to Wake up at exactly 3am. If this is not done, all the witchcraft, the little creatures will be dispelled.

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