How to be baptized?

The sign of the cross is an important element of the Orthodox religion. Anyone who professes it, as a rule, is able to be baptized. This is taught from childhood, if a person grows up in a religious family. However, faith can come to a person and later, and then he wants to understand how to be baptized.

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What is the sign of the cross?

The essence of this process lies in the fact that the person making the prayer gesture, portraying hands cross. Thus to Express the Christian tenets, demonstrate their faith in the Holy Trinity and of Christ. Also a person is baptized, if he wants to Express love to God. Commonly, with the sign of the cross, who wants to protect themselves from the evil, the impure force.

Although it seems that baptism can only be one way, in fact in the Orthodox religion there are three ways to do this prayer. Each of them has its own characteristics, but most widely used only one option.

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It is believed that this variant of the sign of the cross having deeperthe with a raised pinkie. If slightly to cross an unnamed and thumb, you get is pertelote. However, the use of them should be exclusively priests or bishops. They use this prayer to bless people and various items.

It is believed that your fingers form the letters ICXC, which in ancient Greek writing is the name «Jesus Christ».

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This method of folding fingers has spread to the East in the middle ages. This prayer gesture is performed by drawing up a big, ring finger and little finger. It was a symbol of incarnation of God, United in the Holy Trinity.

In those days, when there was this way of folding the fingers, there was a custom of motion. First, it raised to his forehead, then lowered to the stomach. The next move was to the right shoulder, then to the left. This process also has its own symbolism. Movement downwards is the descent of God to earth. Finding finger abdomen means a combination of Divine and human. Lift to right shoulder is the Ascension, a movement to the left – his connection with God the Father.



For the first time this add was used in Constantinople around 1200 years. It is not known exactly when this happened, as there is no information about why I decided to change the original type of folding fingers. The first mention of troperty found in «Debate Panagiota with Ashmita». This piece was created in the period between 74 and 82 the year of the thirteenth century.

Troeperstie rampant and was officially recognized for the reforms of Patriarch Nikon. However, these reforms have led to the emergence of the Old believers. People belonging to this religion are called believers, and they do not recognize troperty.


How to be baptized?

The majority of Orthodox believers at the sign of the cross used troebortnoe addition. It runs as follows.

  • Index, middle and thumbs are added together smoothly.
  • The other fingers bend towards the palm.
  • Slowly, slowly, the hand comes down to his forehead.
  • Then the fingers fall to her stomach. They need to stay in the area of the solar plexus, which is located about two centimeters above the navel.
  • After that, the hand moves to right shoulder.
  • Ends with a prayer by the transfer fingers to the left shoulder.

how to be baptized


The sign of the cross exists not only in the Orthodox religion but also in the Catholic. However, Catholicism refers to this prayer gesture quite freely. Religion allows for various variants of Assembly of the fingers, as suggested by the absence of gesture. Often under the sign of the cross in Catholicism understand certain prayer.

How to be baptized in Catholicism:

  • the gesture with all five fingers;
  • the palm is open;
  • the motion is from left to right, symbolizing the wounds of Christ.
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