How to attract money into the house and his life?

Not in money happiness – the simple and clear truth for all who have no financial problems. Those who are struggling to live from paycheck to paycheck, wondering how to attract money into the house and into your life. Of course, this will not solve all problems, but at least will allow to live on the street and go to bed after an adequate dinner.

how to attract money

As you know, it all starts with human thoughts, from the deep gusts. Therefore, in order to change the situation, you need to start with their own relationship. You need to forget about statements such as «I’m poor, can’t afford it». It is important not just to say such out loud, but even not to think about it.

A positive attitude is the basis of any process, without it no success is possible. All of the following tips will bring results if you don’t pay attention to their own thoughts and emotions.

How to increase the amount of money?

Want to attract money fast, of course, do not take into account the need to work with a lot, and very hard. They want to get everything at once, and like almost impossible. In those rare cases when there is a rapid enrichment of the situation, in the end, often turns against the man, and the strictest manner.

The Internet is full of various high-speed methods of earnings. Almost 98% of them are simple deception, while others require more effort. For this reason, people turn to the pyramids, believe it, MMM and countless social media posts about «earnings over 10 thousand a day.» The deception is obvious, but it would not exist if it were not were people able to find this truth.


Unfortunately, in order to have more money, you need a lot of work, or find a niche where your personal characteristics will allow to implement and to use. Easy to come across masses of webinars dedicated to start-UPS and «stop working for his uncle,» but few people realize that not everyone is a born bill gates. You can’t just become a Manager you need skills and abilities, and all this is based on work.

Free cheese only in a mousetrap.

How to attract money into your life?

So, if you want to make specific actions, it is necessary to look for another job and additional ways of earnings. All this, of course, must be backed by positive mood. Ways to raise money in the wallet based on the hair dryer-Shuya and other such moments can act as a helper.

Typically, such methods once again help to tune in. Hardly rearranging the furniture piled on the head of a lot of money if peredvinuli to sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing.

  • Many suggest to start a business with the General cleaning, because wealth likes cleanliness. In addition, the clean room reduces the chance of disease or damage to the property, so one way or another, the impact on the financial position can be traced.
  • Special attention should be paid to the hallway, closets with clothes and shoes. We should not forget about the cleanliness of the mirror. There is a tradition to put under the rug a good coin, however it is not suitable for those who live in the house Pets. Mat often replaces the toilet.
  • Do not store in the house that hasn’t been used and probably never will be. The same applies to the ragged, spoiled things. So, discarding is not very economical, but here it is worth remembering the theory of «broken Windows».
  • Do not delay with the removal of debris, and you also need to spend time airing.
  • It is believed to attract money into the house with aromas of mint, cinnamon and orange.

clean house

Retention rules

To attract money in life is important not only to find them, but properly stored. First, there is little to defer from each paycheck, especially in a Bank at interest. In addition to a gradual increase in savings, it is considered a magnet for future Finance.

According to legends, is to keep the money in a wooden box or strong envelope, and they must be in the South-Eastern part of the apartment. Also it should spread in different place for different purposes.

There is no point in making savings if they’re going to spend money on questionable things. It is worth remembering why the money is pending and to take them only in case of real, not imaginary need.

Tips for attracting money

Thinking about how to attract money into the house, you can pay attention to a few General tips.

  • Take as large a bill and not exchanging, keep her home more than a year.
  • Near the bill for the additional magnetic force, you should put a money tree.
  • In the South-East of the house is possible to arrange the area responsible for the well-being. It is decorated in a blue-green color, with wood and floral elements.
  • Natural materials used all contribute to attracting wealth.
  • Debt is to pay in the morning when the moon is waning, and small bills if received were great.
  • Feeding money to the cashier have the right hand, and take a left.
  • Brooms should be stored with a whisk up.

There are many other national councils. Believe it or not, everyone decides for himself. Regardless, it is worth remembering that the money will not fall on his head. You must take action for their replenishment, and the above tips will only help this process.

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