How to assemble a Rubik’s Cube?

The famous puzzle game created in 1974, is still quite a serious challenge for most people. So, how to assemble a Rubik’s Cube?

Rubik's cube

What is it?

Interestingly, many mistakenly call this puzzle the Rubik’s cube. In fact, the word «Rubik» is not something invented, safouane under the word «cube». Rubik is a name of the person who invented this kind of toy.

Classic magic cube consists of three axes. They are twenty-six smaller cubes, and the total number of colored edges is 54.

A rotating axis, you can create an incredibly huge number of combinations, but there are variants with four axes.

Since 1980, people asked a kind goal is to find the «algorithm of God». This is the method by which you can handle the Cube in the minimum number of rotations axes. At this point the record number is 20 moves.

How to assemble a Rubik’s Cube?

For a start, it is necessary to understand the terminology. All the puzzle pieces can be divided into three types.

  • Central – all six of them, and although they are able to rotate around the axis, they cannot change the situation, and therefore the decision should be repelled by them.
  • The corner – their number is eight and they are painted in three colors.
  • Ribs – it’s all cubes.

how to assemble a Rubik's cube

It is interesting that the elements never change their type, as if the axis does not rotate, and the Central part, so to speak, do not move at all.

How to assemble a Rubik’s Cube:

  1. The main advice is to follow the Central elements. They will allow you to understand where is the right place for each part.
  2. Tri-color the corner must stand between the corresponding Central elements.
  3. Before you start collecting, you need to choose the initial color, then find the line where the Central part is painted in it.
  4. On the verge of going to the cross selected from the first color.
  5. Thus, edges also must be correctly distributed according to color.

Collecting cross – one of the most difficult steps towards solving the puzzle, but it is crucial to deal with it alone for best results.

After the cross happens, there will be only dosobirat the line under the selected color.


Collect the second boundary is as follows:

  • The cube is inverted so that the finished side faces down.
  • If the first color was yellow, but most often on the reverse side is white. To continue solutions need to focus on the edges, with this color.
  • By spins need to create an inverted T.
  • If the party had not turned out the edges without white color, it means the previous step was made some kind of mistake.
  • Received T need to move to the right if it is on the left, and, consequently, move it to the left if it is on the right.

At this stage the two sides are almost ready. It remains to collect another cross. To do this, not paying attention to the corners, focus on the extreme parts. Sometimes it turns out that the to this step white cubes have themselves formed a cross, then the task easier.

The necessary parts can be in different places. It is important to remember that they need to collect the same cross, as it was with the first color. After this is done, you need to return edges as long as the Central part does not coincide in color with the faces.

The final stages

When the crosses are collected, will deal with the corners. Here there is a rule – parts are placed right, if Central elements of the approach to the three corner. Below you can see examples of the correct positions.

the correct positions

Sometimes the angles up where it is necessary, and it makes it easier.

However, the last steps tend to be the most difficult. The main problem is that not in their places are one or two elements, and the reasons for such changes may be very a lot accordingly a lot of options. Below the picture I will give an example of a typical situation when one corner as you have to turn clockwise.

povernuti Kut

There’s no rush

It is obvious that the solution to this puzzle is not a simple task. Interestingly, the Rubik’s cube took more than a month to correctly assemble your own creation. It is useful to watch videos on the Cube, but the main thing is not to quit trying. If you keep in mind certain principles (note the Central elements, the collection of the cross), then sooner or later all will be solved.

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