How the Treaty or treaties?

Today the word «contract» makes many public people difficulty in pronunciation when talking about the multiple concept. The question arises, how the Treaty or treaties? Not to look silly in public, you should definitely be familiar with these nuances and know exactly how to pronounce these words.

How the Treaty or treaties?

The answer is simple, we just need to pay attention to the orthoepic norms of the language, look at the language situation and to determine how to write the contract or agreement.

Features of pronunciation

Today the form of «contracts» is considered traditional. In the Russian language, this form made use of in writing. It is believed that the masculine always has the ending «s» and the neuter «a». For example:

  • Rotate – turns.
  • Instructor – instructors.
  • The contract – contracts.

The contract

If we consider spoken language, the presence of the word «Treaty» will also be appropriate. Rules of orthoepy is confirmed by the fact that the plural of the word «Treaty» can be used, either in the form of the word «treaties» and «Treaty.» The difference between these words perception does not exist.

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