How the right mattress or mattress

Many years ago the word «mattress» we all wrote it with the letter «C», and the other symbols and it could not be. As soon as school exercise books, the teacher found the word «mattress», then immediately took out a red paste error in the field notebook. That is why the people who went to school even decades ago, can today confidently write «mattress» and does not doubt its accuracy. But the youth of today may wonder how the «mattress» or «mattress» and it is not surprising.

the history of the mattress

The fact is that today the situation has turned so that you can write «mattress» and «mattress», and both will be correct. To understand why this spelling of words, it is necessary to study in detail the history of the origin of the word, that we will find the answer to our question, which remains relevant today.

Why write «Mattress»

This word came in Russian language from German, where it sounds like Matratze. In Russia, the word started to sound only in the 17th century, because during those years our country began to arrive EN masse to refugees from Germany or bring their own mattresses. For us, it’s a German invention, it was extremely unusual and unfamiliar because for sleeping it is used was not.

But the Russian merchants and the nobles quickly realized that sleeping on the soft mattresses are much better than on the boards and the cold floor. Here it is from that time began to appear in Russia it is the mattresses. At that time, these mattresses were considered a luxury, because the poor peasants are still many years continued to sleep on the bare benches. It is also worth noting that in those times in Russia there is a new tradition – every young girl had to get from parents inherited such a mattress, stuffed with a soft feather.

Why write «Mattress»

If we consider the history of spelling «mattress», it arose together with the appearance of «mattress». How did this happen? The whole story is that the German settlers from Germany, who brought to Russia the mattresses in our country came later, when the rule of the country was in the hands of Peter the Great. But then after training in Holland, he also managed to lead such a wonderful innovation as a mattress, which is used to this day.

First, the mattress on Russia were referred to as «mattress». But if the mattress for the Russian citizens was a new word, the mattress has been widely used for many years. The mattress means weapons, and as weapons and the mattress is not entirely compatible things, in Russia this name was replaced by the mattress, which comes from the Dutch word.

they used mattresses

Now we should find out the main differences from the German and Dutch Matratze Matrasse. If you look at these words, the only thing that distinguishes them is the end. And this is not surprising as it may seem at first glance. The thing is that German and Dutch belong to the West Germanic group, and one subgroup of the South-German. That is why all these languages are most similar to each other, and small differences in the endings cannot be considered significant. Let’s see how will sound words in the languages of other countries:

  • Matratze in German.
  • Mattress in English.
  • Materasso in Italian.
  • Matelas in French.
  • Matrasse Dutch.

What we say dictionaries?

After reading the above listed information, you must now realize that «mattress» and «mattress» would sound right, turned the story of their origin. But let’s ask the dictionary, what they have an opinion, because today in Russia is already accepted as «mattress» and «mattress», and these two concepts do not cut the ear, are perceived quite normal.

  • Making their only dictionary, Vladimir Dahl came to the conclusion that in his dictionary only the word «mattress», it is believed that the use of the letter «C» will be less relevant.
  • «The spelling dictionary of Russian language» A. Shapiro and S. Ozhegova, which was established in 1956, contains two version of the spelling, because according to the authors, they both deserve to be considered correct. It turns out that the rules of these great authors, there is no difference in spelling.

mattresses made of feathers

If we consider the literary language, it is better to use the word «mattress», because in speaking it is much better than the mattress. In addition, the pronunciation sounds more understandable, for example:

  • Changing Mat – changing Mat.
  • No mattress, no mattress.
  • Mattress – a mattress pad.

The history of the mattress or mattress is really very interesting, school teachers identify for their students the rules of spelling, not even thinking about the fact that he has such an interesting story. If you studied the article, adopted for themselves the important information, you should understand that today both designations will be considered correct and appropriate. Only you can decide what suffix to use, either «for» or «C» is not an error, both in spelling and in the spoken language, do not forget about it.

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