How on earth oceans?

The surface area of the Earth’s land is only 29%. The rest of the space was filled by the oceans, which received in science the name «the Hydrosphere of the Earth.» Continents and Islands divide it into the oceans, but those in turn are divided into seas and rivers. Any person who aspires to knowledge, it will be interesting to see how on earth the oceans.


By the mid-20th century scientists, geographers have identified five oceans: Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian and southern. In 1953, the researchers came to the conclusion that the southern ocean should be deleted from the list. So, modern science argues that the world’s four oceans:

  1. Quiet
  2. Atlantic
  3. Indian
  4. Arctic


The Pacific ocean

It is the largest ocean in the world, its area amounted to 162.2 million square kilometers. It contains 710 million cubic kilometers of water. The Pacific ocean can rightly be considered a giant among their aquatic brethren. In addition, on its territory is the deep water point of the planet Earth – the Mariana trench. Its depth is more than 11 kilometers.

The Pacific ocean located between the continents of Australia and Eurasia, North and South America and Antarctica.

Pacific ocean map

The Atlantic ocean

This second area of the ocean. Its size is 82 million square kilometers. Its water depths ranging from Northern regions to the South. The Atlantic ocean has taken its place of honor between North and South America, Eurasia and Africa.

The Atlantic ocean opened during the journey of Christopher Columbus. When he wanted to find water route to India, he discovered this large area. So humanity became aware of a new ocean. His name was chosen in honor of the Atlanta brave Titan who, according to the myths of Ancient Greece, had the will of steel.

Atlantici ocean map

Across the Atlantic ocean, stretches a long ridge, it is under water. This mountain system is called the Mid-Atlantic ridge. It is located on the territory of the divergence of tectonic plates. Some parts rise above the water surface, for example the island of Iceland.

The Atlantic ocean is divided into Northern and southern part, the boundary is the equator.

the ocean

The Indian ocean

Its area is 73.5 million square kilometres. It is surrounded such continents as Africa, Australia, Antarctica and Eurasia.

The Indian ocean was discovered by a traveler named Vasco da Gama. Before the ocean was called the Eastern.

This is the hottest ocean on Earth. In the summer the water is heated to 35 degrees Celsius.

Indian ocean researchers believe unique. Its water flows can dramatically change the direction of flow. Twice a year the vector of flow of water in the ocean is reversed. This is due to pressure fluctuations on land and in water in different seasons. On the coast of the Indian ocean prone to strong storms and large floods.

The Indian ocean

The bottom of the Indian ocean attracts the attention of oceanographers. They found at its bottom a large underwater country, the maximum height of peaks which is equal to 2.5 km

Also a mystery is considered to be events related to ships crossing the ocean. Periodically there find the empty vessel. They are in good condition, but the people on them. Scientists have not yet answered the question, what happened to the crew from these vessels and what is happening on Board. Over the past hundred years the ships of «Cabin cruiser», «Houston Market» and «Carbon» joined the ranks of the Ghost ship.


The Arctic ocean

The small size of the ocean, its size is 14.75 million square kilometers. Also, this water body is considered to be the shallowest among his fellow-giants. Its maximum depth is about five kilometers. Researchers have estimated that the average depth of the Arctic ocean is 1225 meters.

The Arctic ocean

The oceans have always fascinated people. These huge water areas people once considered an obstacle to the development of new territories. Now for a man it costs nothing to hop on a plane and fly over the water surface. But the ocean, as before, attracts and frightens its mystery.

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