How old is Alla Pugacheva. The main stages in the life and work.

How old is Alla Pugacheva

One of the most popular domestic singers for many years remains Alla Pugacheva. Her supporters never cease to be amazed by her talent and excellent appearance, despite his age. And all interested in the question of how many years Pugacheva?

How old is Alla Pugacheva

Childhood Diva

Born, Russian pop Diva April 15, 1949 in Moscow in an ordinary family. Her family was very far from music. Father Pugacheva worked at the factory for the production of shoes, and his mother was a member of the factory personnel Department. From a young age, Donna loved to sing. In 1954, the mother of the future stars were invited to the house of a music teacher who had to check the musical abilities of children, Alla and her brother Eugene. Boy does audition not shown, but the Alla was perfect hearing. So parents decided to send her to music school.

childhood Pugacheva

To 8th grade the girl was already sure that become a pop singer, so after finishing grade 8, she entered the Moscow state College of Ippolitov-Ivanov, where he studied at the conductor-choral faculty. Pugacheva finished it in 1966.

Creativity Pugacheva

Before Pugacheva started performing solo, she has worked in various musical groups, among them VIA «Muscovites» and «Jolly fellows», the famous jazz orchestra under the direction of Oleg Lundstrema, etc. the First song that was released on the radio, was the song «Robot». On television she first appeared in the program for children Service, where he introduced the song «Coming from the movie.»


As a soloist with various ensembles, Pugachev began touring across the country. The first tour abroad took place in 1972. Then she performed in Poland. Her calling card, with which it first became known, was the song «harlequin». This song Alla introduced in 1975, acting as contestants at the festival «Golden Orpheus». Then she became the winner.

In 1977, the audience saw the film, which was called «the Woman who sings». In the film, the singer not only played a major role, but also became the author of the song to him. After the premiere of the film, Pugacheva was awarded the title of best actress of the year. And the outfit – hoodie, which she starred in this movie, for many years become her trademark. In 1980, she created the group «Recital» that accompanied the prima Donna at all concerts until 2010.

Alla Pugachova

Alla Pugacheva became the mega-popular not only in our country. With no less acclaim his performances in the USA, many Europe, Japan and other countries. By the end of the career in the archives Pugacheva, there were more than 500 songs, which were recorded in 8 languages. The total number of issued discs is more than 250 million copies.

Personal life Pugacheva

Personal life Pugacheva has a huge number of mind-blowing novels. 5 times the singer is officially married. Her first husband was the artist of the Lithuanian circus performer Mykolas ORBacus. During their marriage from Alla’s daughter Christine. After that, the Diva married the famous film Director Alexander Stefanovich, who was filming her in the movie, a novice producer Yevgeny Boldin and singer Philip Kirkorov. At the moment Alla is married to humorist Maxim Galkin. A man younger than his lady for 27 years. A few years ago, they resorted to the services of the surrogate mother who carried and gave birth to a daughter Lisa and son Harry.

how old is Alla Pugacheva

Some interesting facts from the life of Pugacheva

  • When Alla was 5 years old, she performed in the hall of columns.
  • In my last year of school, Pugachev worked in 621 Moscow school and taught music. For your great voice she had received from the disciples the nickname «Alka-chants».
  • Pugacheva tried himself in business, and let the chips under the brand name of AB, as well as shoes with the brand Alla Pugachova.
  • In the period from 2005 to 2008 he was engaged in issues of social development, occupying a position in the Public Chamber under the RF President.
  • Diva became the founder of his own award, called the «Golden star of Alla».
  • In honor of the singer, the Finns named the ship, which was launched in 1985.
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