How much you need to cook the beets until fully cooked

Knowledge about how to cook beets until tender, boasts not every woman. Cooking this vegetable has a lot of features that must be taken into account.

What is the average you need to cook the beets until fully cooked

Difficult to say exactly how much you are going to cook to full readiness of purchased beets. After all, it affects a huge number of factors. First and foremost, you should consider the size of the vegetable and its age. Attention is also drawn to the method of preparation. On average this process can take anywhere from minus 20 to 3 hours.

how to cook beets

Radically different cooking time of the beets in various ways. More details will not prevent to get acquainted with the three most popular ones.

  • Cooking in cold water. Chefs who chose this method of cooking, must have patience, as it is considered the longest. However, this disadvantage is quite kompensiruet the fact that boiling in cold water allows the roots to retain more of the nutrients. So, this product will be most useful for health.

To cook vegetables in cold water will have not less than 2 hours. The less you have a selection of root vegetables, the faster they will be able to prepare.

  • Cooking in hot water. It has the same technology as the previous method. But the willingness of the root, boiled in boiling water, it will come much faster. This process usually does not more than 1 hour.
  • Professional cooking. It used to be used by the chefs that work in kitchens of restaurants. This method has many advantages. It gives you the opportunity to prove the root vegetables until tender in half an hour. While their size is absolutely not important. To achieve this result you need to drop the vegetables in water heated to maximum temperature, about 20 minutes. After their move for 10 minutes in cold water. A sharp change in temperature allows you to quickly make beet suitable for further use in salads and other dishes. Here only this method of cooking cook completely removed from vegetable useful vitamin C.

How and how long to cook beets whole

Every owner should adopt a traditional recipe for cooking beets. The whole cooking process will take about 50 minutes. Cook will need to surround the pot and the roots. Before cooking vegetables, it is recommended to rinse well. They don’t have to stay the dirt. It is best to make it a brush. Cut the Tails off is not necessary.

jams Buriak

Whole root vegetables put in a saucepan. They pour large amounts of clean water. The liquid should cover the beets. When the water starts boiling, add the juice of one fresh lemon. The fire should be reduced to medium. In this form, the roots are boiled for another few minutes. From time to time need to check the vegetables for readiness. To do this, gently pierce them with a fork or knife. If the Cutlery went into the beets without any problems, so she’s ready. If it still retains its hardness, the vegetables need a little more to boil on medium heat.

After cooking the beets, you need to pour cold water. In it, she should stand for the next 10 minutes. After a cook can begin to clean the vegetables from the skin and prepare them something delicious.

Quick cooking beets in the pressure cooker

Do not have to cook the beets in a saucepan on the stove. For this purpose you can use modern kitchen appliances. In this case we are talking about a pressure cooker.

Beets should be thoroughly washed. Raw root is cut into two equal parts and put in a pressure cooker. From above they filled with water to the top. Kitchen appliance close. Include the program «beans». The next 40-50 minutes, the hostess can go about their business, as it is during this time the vegetables will stew in the pressure cooker.

how to cook beets in a pressure cooker

This method of cooking appeals to many. It allows to preserve the unique flavor of the vegetables and almost all of the vitamins which were in them until the moment of cooking.

How long to cook beets in the microwave

Some hostesses practice of cooking beets in the microwave. This method is also worthy of attention. It is popular for its simplicity and speed of cooking.

The traditional method of cooking root vegetables in the microwave is as follows:

  • Vegetables should be washed in water.
  • They are dried with a towel.
  • Beets should be placed in a container, which allow guests to cook in the microwave.
  • Roots pour a sufficient amount of cold water.
  • Capacity should be covered with a loose lid.
  • Capacity with beets is in the microwave for 7 minutes.
  • Over time, you should check the readiness of the roots with a fork. If they were raw, at once to put them in the microwave for a few minutes.

How long to cook beets in the microwave

Beets, cooked in the microwave has the look and taste of roasted vegetables. But from this it does not become worse.

How long will it take cooking beets in vinaigrette

Most often beets are buying in order to add it to the vinaigrette. It is for this reason Housewives are often interested in how much you are going to cook root vegetable salad. They also want to know how to properly prepare it.

For the vinaigrette, it is recommended to choose the beet is dark red in color. There should not be signs of lethargy.

Preparing beets for the salad is very simple. The first thing the vegetables to rinse. Remove the peel from them is not necessary. Clean the roots put in a pot and fill with water. It should completely cover the vegetables.

Move the pan on the stove. Beets will cook on medium heat for the next 1.5-2 hours. If you got small roots, they will be ready in about 1 hour.

It is very important that in the process of cooking beets, is suitable for salad, not lost its rich Burgundy color. Experienced chefs add water to vinegar (7 grams per 1 liter of water). Instead you can also use lemon juice in the amount of 20 grams per 1 liter of water.

how to cook beets

To test the readiness of the root, it just needs a little poke with a fork. If he would be soft, the vegetable is ready, which means that it can be removed from the plate.

A vinaigrette is perfect beets which has been cooked or on the stove or in the microwave. What preparation you choose, the hostess decides itself.

From the foregoing it can be understood that the preparation of beets is a very long process. But the cooks managed to find a few ways that can minimize cooking valuable root. That’s just each of them has its own disadvantage that are relevant to the quality of the finished vegetable and its usefulness.

If the owner is a supporter of the traditional methods of cooking vegetables, it should first boil it beets, if she plans to add to the dish. After all, the root will have to hold on the included plate a few hours. If the cook is pressed for time, he should choose a small beet. When there are only large vegetables, you can cut into two pieces.

To shorten the process of cooking vegetables up to 1 hour will help the modern household appliances, which have already become indispensable helpers in the kitchen.

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