How much is the kidney?

Nephrectomy seems to some people an easy way to get a good amount of money quickly, without effort and consequences. The more that donor organs are greatly in demand: they need every year tens of thousands of people. Of course, for those who are in need of money, this is a real opportunity to make money. And there’s still people who are willing to donate their organs in good faith, for the sake of saving someone’s life. But for those, and for others not so simple and rosy. How much is a kidney donor and recipient, and the person who decided to sell his body for a living?

The issue price

If the patient is willing to go a long way to getting a referral and wait till the queue length of eight thousand people, the operation for him to be free. It is clear that you can wait a few years and not wait, as is often the case. So that those who are to such an outcome is not ready available paid surgery. In this case, it is recommended to consider the proposals of several clinics, because the cost of this operation in them varies greatly and depends on the state of health of the donor and recipient, the necessary urgency, the level of clinics and other settings.

Niki personOf a person’s kidney

Interestingly, for the sale of a kidney, the donor will receive a much smaller amount than the one paid by the recipient. The cost of transplantation for the patient in Russia starts from 10 thousand and can reach 100.000 $, while the donor will receive a maximum of 5 thousand dollars, but on average even less — only one thousand. Monetary compensation depends mainly on the region. More profitable to sell a kidney in Moscow. But in small remote settlements, in deplorable conditions low income and unemployment, people are willing to sell their kidney for a couple of tens of thousand, but not dollars and hryvnia. But for the same reason, because of the low quality of life offer in remote areas and countries that much higher.

The consequences

Despite the development of medicine in the XXI century, this surgery, like any other, is not without consequences. Scar with a length of 20 cm, which remains for a lifetime is the least of the trouble. You need to understand that the kidney donor is under threat no less than a patient suffering from renal failure. First, the operation for the removal of an organ can lead to death. Even in developed countries it occurs in three out of 10 thousand, that is rare, but still happens. In other places, where medicine has not reached such a high level, including in Russia, the statistics are much worse: for every 10 000 operations two dozen over the fact that the money the donor is no longer needed. Even in case of successful result, the life expectancy of the donor is reduced by 15 (!) years. And in the course of the operation often requires the removal of several ribs.

Kidney transplantationKidney transplantation

But that’s not all. Russian law allows only voluntary (i.e. free) kidney donation — however, as well as other organs. There is an official selling their bodies is prohibited. So the donor, who wishes to make, should understand that it is illegal.

Restrictions lifestyle

If the recipient and the clinic paid for the kidney to money, the donor is paying the price for quick profit their health and quality of life. This applies, for example, a life of uncompromising rejection of bad habits — Smoking and alcohol consumption; that is no alcohol, even on holidays. The man who sold his kidney forced to completely switch to a proper diet. This means giving up spicy, fatty, fried, salty and sweet foods and coffee, carbonated drinks, fast food and Junkfood. Proper nutrition suggests that the diet will consist of vegetables, fruits, herbs, light gruels, boiled and stewed food with a minimal amount of meat. Changes will concern and physical activity: in particular, it will be impossible to lift weights.

Refusal to eatRefusal to eat

To pay for the kidney donation will have the rest of your life. Otherwise, hungry for a quick profit, not ready to bear responsibility for the decision, expect serious consequences, including death. Such an event can be justified only by one noble goal — to save human life.

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