How much is the abortion?

Abortion is an extremely controversial topic, the debate about the ongoing, not stopping, for many years. Some firmly believe that this murder of children is illegal and should be prohibited. Others can ask, how much is an abortion in order to use this service.

how much is a abortion

In essence the procedure is a means of abortion. According to medical opinion, it can only be performed before the twentieth week or even earlier. Professionals do not spend the removal of more Mature fruit, except for special occasions.

How the abortion?

It is customary to distinguish safe and dangerous variant, the main difference of which is the presence of a doctor. If the procedure is performed by a person without knowledge and preparation, it is considered a logical threat.

In the last century, in full insanitary conditions, many women attempt to carry out abortions. In addition, in countries where this procedure is prohibited, flourished underground operations. All of this led (and, strangely enough, still leads) to approximately seventy thousand women’s deaths each year. Moreover, about five million are disabled for life as a result of such operations.

Legal abortion is considered to be safe but only in comparison with illegal. By itself, the procedure is even performed on time and of a qualified physician, can still lead to a number of complications, including the inability to have more children.

There are about ten methods of abortion. In the early period can be carried out a medical form, in which the patient issued a mifepristone and misoprostol. Take this woman should be strictly in the presence of a physician. However, this abortion works in 98% of cases and often causes complications.

Surgical methods can also be different. As a rule, the so-called «vacuum», or «mini-abortion», and is the procedure of curettage. In the second trimester uses the dilation and evacuation, and at an extremely late timing (only for medical reasons) – artificial birth.

how is abortion

Why do women choose abortion?

It would seem that such a serious procedure, with a high probability of complications and weak moral implications… How can I do that? In fact, there are a number of reasons that make women to think about how much an abortion costs.

First, often during pregnancy, medical condition arisethat cause the mother to go to the procedure. Typically, this is done in case of death of the fetus, or if its further development threatens a woman’s life. In particular, it relates to an ectopic pregnancy which almost always ends in abortion.

In addition to the doctors ‘ advice someone may personally make such a decision. As a rule, the greatest negative cause situation when a Mature woman goes to the operation as «just not wants to give birth» or «children». However, there are other situation.

For example, the pregnancy may be unwanted that happened as a result of rape, particularly in childhood. In addition, often the financial situation does not allow to expand the family.


How much is the abortion?

This procedure is a medical service that is not included in the program of obligatory medical insurance. For this reason, the answer to the question is very simple is abortion free. However, the problem lies in the fact that the insurance does not apply to anesthesia, and without him to withstand such a procedure is extremely problematic. As a rule, the cost of painkillers is 1-3 thousand rubles, depending on doctors, hospitals and specific preparation.

The situation changes if a woman decided on an abortion in private clinics. Costs will start at the preparatory stage. First, the patient will have to undergo a series of gynecological consultations, and then to hand over various analyses, including to determine blood group and RH factor. Also, it will have to pass the UZI, to take care of the anesthesia and hospital stay.

While the surgery itself can cost from 5 to 25 thousand rubles, depending on the type of city and a particular clinic. Price medical abortion is only possible in the very early stages, a little lower. As a rule, it is about 15 thousand, excluding consultations and analyses.

the price of abortion

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