How much is gram of gold?

To the question «How much is gram of gold?» could be answered in the first jewelry store. And gold is not only jewelry, is another indicator of the state of economy of any country. Since September, 1919, two times a day, the London gold fixing determines the price of gold according who flock from all over the world to the Bank of Rothschild. According to this orders for the purchase and sale of gold in each country, five representatives of the most famous banking families at 13:30 and 18:00 Moscow time determine the price of a Troy ounce of gold. This figure shatters all the world’s gold trading centers and is forming the basis of the prices in all markets. The average grams of gold in Russia today is 2400 rubles.

How much is a gram of gold

Troy ounce (from the name of the French town of Troyes) has a stable position, a common measure of weights for gold, platinum, silver and used in cosmetics. Some gold coins have a weight of exactly one ounce: Canada, South Africa, Canada, Australia etc. is a «Royal» standard of quality of metal.

Troy ounce and grams

The word «oz» as a monetary unit, has an interesting past: this one-twelfth part of a huge bronze coins, which was chopped into pieces, light weight 27,288 g and exists since Roman times. Troy ounce of gold originates in a small town in the province of champagne, which hosted the most famous world’s fairs since the 12th century. Due to the huge number of foreign traders has the problem of money exchange and was developed this system of exchange: 1 French livre is equal to 1 Troy pound of silver. Weight twelfth shares of the Troy pound is a weight of one ounce and equals 31,1035 grams of gold.

When conducting the Bank calculations with reference to the gold in Troy ounces used value 31,103 and international designation of an ounce of gold XAU.

Buying and selling gold

Gold has always been the object of sale and savings. In circulation the gold is in three types:

  • Native gold.
  • Gold bullion.
  • Jewelry.

buying gold

Native gold is sold in single bars from tenths of a gram. The cost of this gold is much higher gold prices by the exchange rate and bullion depends on the weight and original appearance. In Russia the market of nuggets is not developed, although the information found copies very decorative in the shape of animals and birds. The biggest piece of gold found in the Urals, was called the Great triangle, and weighed 36 kg.

Gold for jewelry

Simple man in the street specific price of an ounce of gold is interested in the case if you have to purchase jewelry. In a good jewelry store or workshop will be a question: and what is gold interested? We all know that jewelry made of pure gold not made for these purposes alloys of various samples.

gold for embellishment

Able to read the numbers of samples can never go wrong in choosing gold products:

  • 375 – alloy this sample contains only 37.5% gold, that is, copper and silver are the main components of the alloy.
  • 500 is very difficult to manufacture the alloy is 50 percent gold, the rest copper and silver. These components affect the color of the product, and very popular products such sample is not in use.
  • 585 is the most popular alloy composed of 58.5 percent pure gold, and copper, silver, Nickel and palladium. Products with this label for a long time keep colour and Shine, and have good strength and resistance to scratches and abrasions, virtually not subjected to oxidation. Today this trial is the gold standard for jewelry factories of the CIS. It is interesting to know that the predecessor of this test was the most famous in the USSR sample
  • 750 – alloy of the sample in addition to the 75% gold, silver, copper, Nickel and platinum. Softness, elasticity and flexibility in handling allows you to produce complex jewelry luxury. The percentage of components affects product color: white and light shades of green, pink and red colors.
  • 875 – alloy samples of this widely circulated and highly appreciated in the Arab countries and the Middle East, but instead of the usual numbers on the sample is more common, the number of 21K, which corresponds to the CT system samples.
  • 958 – this high-grade alloy contains 95.8% of natural gold. Due to the extreme softness of jewelry from such samples are basically not produced.
  • 999 – the last sample contains the maximum amount of pure gold and items with this label is one of the most reliable investment options: gold coins, ingots, decorative inserts in products made of more durable alloys. Jewelry with such a break can weigh no less than 8 m and most often it is the rings.

gold jewelry

About alloy 925 long debate: gold or not? Metal alloy containing silver 925 g and 75 g of copper, is silver of the highest quality, and were used for Dolly diamond. From the alloy produced as items of tableware. But the gold in this sample is still there – no more than 7%.

The price of gold in jewelry is much different from prices on the stock exchange and depends on the amount of precious metal (i.e. samples) and the complexity of the product.

At all times the most profitable investment of the funds was the purchase of gold jewelry. And if you decide to purchase, it is necessary to remember that the more weight, the lower the final price of gold. Best purchase this product without inserts: chains, bracelets first and foremost – classic ring.

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