How many inches in centimeters? What to measure in inches?

How many inches in a centimeter

With this unit, as the inch, each of us faces when choosing phones, tablets, televisions, monitors etc. but not all know how correctly translate the unit in the usual meters or centimeters. Therefore, a question arises as: «how many inches in centimeters»?


What is the inch and how many inches centimeters

The word «inch» has a Dutch origin, and translated from this language means «big toe». Inch is called the unit of length in some of Europe. 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm. So if you, for example, chose the phone, the screen size which is 7 inches, then in centimetres it will be equal to 17.78 cm (7 x 2,54=17,78).

How came the term

You can find many different versions on how the term appeared. The main one is considered to be one in which 1 inch was taken as the width of thumb the average adult male.

how many inches in centimeters

There are other versions that talk about how this measure was used in other countries. For example, 1 inch is equal to 1/36 yard and called the measure of length that is equal to distance from tip of nose to tip of thumb when stretched by king Henry the First hand.

You can also find the translation of an inch in barley grain, where 1 inch = 3 such grains. But most versions of the origin of the term associated with the male with the thumb on the hand.

What can you measure in inches

As you can see the value of an inch, depending on the country the use of this measure, a little bit different. Moreover, even within one country could have several variations of an inch. Today the standard is set to the English inch, which is commonly used in the United States.

what to measure in inches

Traditionally measured In inches equipment. As a rule, the size of the screen. Although the same can be measured in inches floppy disk. Cars in inches, measure the diameter of a vehicle wheel. In telescope building] it is used to measure the diameter of the lens device. And artillery to the inches tied calibers of weapons.

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